Coupon Organization: 3 Ways to Set Up A Coupon Binder

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Whether you are an Extreme Couponer or a Lifestyle Couponer you need to organize your coupons to be effective. There are many ways to organize your coupons and many types of Coupon Binders. In this tutorial, I will show you 3 ways to organize your coupons and then we will talk about my favorite – The Coupon Binder!

Envelope System – This is a simple as it sounds! You simply take envelopes and sort your coupons, either by Category or Alphabetically and then you carry them with you. When I used this method, I used to carry them in a bag with my ads. This works if you don’t want to invest a lot at first, you just want to know where all of your coupons are.

Accordion Coupon File System – These can be found at Walmart, Target and Office Supply Stores. You can sort your coupons by the categories of your choice or Alphabetically. These are easy to carry around, but the plastic ones tend to pop open – I dropped mine more than once at the store and it was a catastrophe!

Zippered Coupon Binder – My favorite method of organizing my coupons! I opted for a zippered binder which I think is essential for this method. You zip it up and then they don’t fall out when you drop it (I drop things A LOT). I bought my binder at Target for less than $10 and it was worth every penny.

  • It has an accordion file in the front that I use for weekly ads and Store Coupon Policies
  • A zipper in the front where I put the coupons I am going to use at each store for the week once I have sorted them.
  • Inside the binder there are little pouches for scissors, calculator, pens and shopper loyalty cards.

Organizing Your Binder:

  • I currently organize my coupons in alphabetical order (just by first letter A, B, C, etc.). When I alphabetize, it is by brand K for Kleenex, P for Puffs etc. If I have a coupon for Kellogg’s but you can purchase Raisin Bran, Special K or Crispix – I will put the coupon under K for Kellogg’s. Other ways to separate your coupons include dividing by food groups or common categories (cereals, vegetables, sauces, meats, etc).
  • I also plan to try keeping the inserts intact and sliding them into sheet protectors. I will add dividers and mark the date on the tab. This method allows me to reference our NEW Coupon Database and find the day the mfg. coupon was found in the Sunday inserts. I can then easily flip to that section of my binder and cut out the coupon I need!

Other items I include are a notebook for jotting down prices and keeping my grocery lists, a pen/pencil to make notes and cross off items as I purchase them, a calculator for when my brain hurts and I can’t do simple math (LOL) and sometimes I carry scissors when I haven’t clipped my Sunday coupons promptly.

Your binder can be set up for Simple Couponing, Drugstore Shopping or Extreme  Couponing, whatever fits your needs, your interest level or your family needs. Once you have your initial coupon binder set up, you are ready to head out to the stores and test it out. Don’t be afraid to “tweak” your binder and make adjustments/additions where needed.