CVS Coupon Match Up Tutorial – Part 2

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I love CVS! They offer great weekly ads, savings and an awesome shopper loyalty program. It gets even better when you match coupons up to the advertised and “unadvertised” specials. Let’s take another look at the CVS Coupon Match Up step by step so you understand how to read one and get them most out of your next shopping trip!

Here’s one match from the current CVS weekly ad (I numbered it so we can talk about each part):

  1. Dove Shampoo or Conditioner (12oz.)
  2. Sale Price: $4.49
  3. Less: $1.50 Off Mfg. Coupon (RP 3/28)
  4. You Get Back: $4.49 ECBs (Limit 1)
  5. Final Price: FREE + $1.50 Money Maker after coupon and ECBs

On Line (1) you will see a sale item and on Coupon Divas this will normally be in Blue and Bold so you can see it.

On Line (2) you will see the “Sale Price”. I recommend having your local ad copy in front of you so that you can compare the prices and make sure the match up reflects the same prices as your ad. We try very hard to list the deals that everyone will find, but sometimes sale prices are regional so it is best to double check.

Line (3) is very important and this is where we get the most questions. On this line you will see either “Mfg. Coupon” with numbers and letters in parenthesis like this: (RP 3/28/10) or it will say “Printable Coupon”. Mfg. Coupon with the parenthesis would be a manufacturer coupon that you find in the Sunday newspaper inserts. The 2 letters in the parenthesis tell you which insert: RP=Red Plum, SS=Smart Source, PG=Procter and Gamble and so on and the numbers are the date they were in the paper. Many of you organize your coupons by date, so this is to help you find them quickly.

If the line states Printable Coupon, then the link should be clickable and take you to the page where you can find an Internet Printable coupon to use on your purchase. These coupons are available while supplies last and you can usually print 2. CVS does accept Internet coupons and I haven’t heard of anyone having a hard time in the store trying to use them (another thing I love about CVS).

NOTE: There is a Commonly Used Acronym Key that is always present in the right sidebar on our site that you can use to quickly reference commonly used couponing terms!

On Line (4) you will see “You Get Back” and a dollar amount. This is the amount of the Extra Care Rewards for the item. You pay for your purchase and the cashier will then hand you your Extra Care Bucks (a.k.a. ECBs). These can be used on your next purchase on just about anything (there are a few exclusions like they can’t be used on stamps, gift cards, lottery – be sure to see the CVS website or store for exclusions). Many people that have been taking advantage of the CVS ECB program have a stockpile of Extra Care Bucks and will “Roll” them from one week to the next. They manage to come out of pocket very little for their purchases after coupons and ECBs are applied. This is the GOAL!

On Line (5) you see “Final Price”: This is essentially what you end up paying for the product once you have deducted coupons and taken into account your Extra Care Buck Rewards. If the line says overage or Moneymaker, this is when you have a product that is free or close to free with the ECB and then you also use a mfg. coupon causing an overage. Although you will not get any money back from the store, you can buy something else to make the best use of your coupon.

Some Tips For Being Successful:

  • Print the coupon match up or circle the items you are going to buy in your weekly circular
  • Put all of your coupons in an envelope or paperclip them to the ad so you stay organized
  • Put everything in your reusable tote with your Green Bag Tag attached so you get your additional rewards for bringing your own bags! You earn $1 ECB on every 4th visit.
  • If an item that is on sale is not available, ask for a rain check. They don’t expire and you can still take advantage of the offer when the product is re-stocked.

If you are just getting started, you will come out of pocket a little bit at first to get you going. In no time at all, you will be rolling your ECBs and matching up coupons like a pro and you will be a CVS fan for life. If you need more explanation on what an Extra Care Buck is or how to sign up for the CVS Shopper Loyalty program, just pop on over to our Tutorial that explains the Extra Care program.