CVS Coupon Shopping – How To Roll ECBs

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Rolling your ECBs is the #1 way to get stuff for free or really cheap at CVS. In the first part of our tutorial on CVS Coupon Shopping, we learned how to get started. We now have ECBs and we want to roll them into another purchase. The goal is to buy more items that will produce ECBs, that way we are always rolling them from one purchase to the next and coming out of pocket less and less money each week. This will, of course, depend on how you decide to split up your purchases, but you can do very well shopping at CVS by using the Rolling Technique.

In this video, I will demonstrate how to take our first ECBs and use them to buy 3 products that produce more ECB’s. We buy approximately $20 worth of merchandise for just $4 out of pocket and then we get back $8 in ECBs for our next purchase!

Tips for Checkout:

By following these guidelines when you are checking out at CVS, you can end up coming out of pocket very little and be very successful at rolling your ECBs from one purchase to the next.

  1. CVS Extracare Card: Hand the cashier your ExtraCare card
  2. CVS $$ Off Coupons: If you have a CVS coupon for money off your purchase (i.e. $4 off $20), hand cashier this coupon next.
  3. CVS Store Coupons: I am not sure it matters whether you hand them your store coupons or your mfg. coupons first, but I always hand them any CVS Store coupons, (from the CVS Coupon Center), first.
  4. Manufacturer Coupons: These are your Sunday insert coupons, printable coupons etc. that you have for your purchase.
  5. Extra Care Bucks: Any leftover balance can be paid with your ECBs – now you’re “Rolling!”

Any balance at this point would be paid out of pocket, depending on the purchase, that could be very little!