Discount Travel Tips: Top 3 Ways to Save Money on Dining

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Most of you know that we just returned from a quick trip to Disney and many of you asked me about getting discounts while traveling. With summer just around the corner and vacation planning well under way for many of you, now is the perfect time to talk about a great way to easily save money on dining while you are vacationing.

  1. Research: My number one tip would be to be prepared and do some research on the area you will be traveling to. Do they have Early Bird Specials? Happy Hour (not just drinks, appetizers are often included and could be considered very filling). Are their specials on certain days of the week? These are all easy things to check before you leave for vacation so that you can save money without very much effort.
  2. Restaurant Coupons: One of my favorite ways to save money is by using the printable coupons readily available on many sites, including of course, here on Coupon Divas. Again, you will want to look at the surrounding area of your vacation spot and see what restaurants are there. Not only can you do searches for coupons to the restaurants, I also recommend signing up for newsletters to the area restaurants. Many times coupons are personalized and available only to the email address they are sent to, meaning you will need to sign up to get the coupons. You could always set up a separate email address to send the newsletters to or unsubscribe after your trip to keep your inbox clean.
  3. Discount Gift Certificates: is always offering special discounts on great restaurants. You can input the zip code of the area you are traveling to and then choose from the available restaurants. Many times you can get a $25 gift certificate for $3 or less! These discounts swap out and you will find a new deal each week. Just read the restaurant requirements and minimum purchase amounts before you buy and these can be a great deal.
  4. Entertainment Book: If you plan ahead, you will definitely want to check out the Entertainment Book for the area you will be traveling to. As you know, it only takes a few coupons to pay for the cost of the Entertainment Book. You can usually preview the types of coupons available for specific cities before you buy to make sure you will get use out of the book. The discounts can really add up here.