Extreme Coupon Diva Scam

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There’s been a lot of confusion lately as a result of numerous sites popping up and calling themselves Coupon Divas® or some confusingly similar variation of our trademarked brand. Beyond that, we’ve heard that some of these sites may be teaching ‘questionable’ coupon practices and even CHARGING for workshops to show people how to coupon while pretending to be US! Seriously?!

I really need to set the record straight ladies. These ‘copycat sites’ and their questionable practices are NOT part of Coupon Divas, LLC and we do not endorse these sites in any way.

I’ve come to know many of our long time readers as my very BEST “Virtual” friends over the years, and the last thing I want is for people to start thinking that those other imposters are me telling people to do all kinds of crazy things that the real Coupon Divas would never do.

Coupon Divas is a community of over 500,000 monthly readers that has been built over many years of hard work and with the help of many knowledgeable and ethical ladies coming here and freely sharing knowledge with each other daily. We’ve worked hard to build a great reputation in the coupon industry and intend to keep it that way.

Many of you have asked me my opinion about extreme couponing, one which I kept to myself up until today. I did express some of my views in several conversations on our Facebook wall and on Coupon Divas in the past – but I now I feel like I need to make sure that no one will confuse an extreme couponer with Coupon Divas – there is a difference.

“So How Can You Spot a Coupon Diva Scam Site?”

  • If the site you are on is charging for a Coupon Class – it is not Coupon Divas. Everyone knows that we always give you our knowledge for FREE!
  • If the site is talking about and/or demonstrating clearing store shelves so that you can snag 100’s of an item – it is not Coupon Divas.
  • If the site is “suggesting” using coupons in an unethical or maybe even fraudulent/illegal manner – it is not Coupon Divas.
  • If the site is suggesting or giving tips on how to bully a cashier or manager just trying to do their job – that is not Coupon Divas.
  • If the site has documents with unauthorized “Copied Coupons” on them – It is not Coupon Divas
  • If the site has copies of coupons ‘hosted’ on their domain from major retailers and brands – it is not Coupon Divas
  • If the site is charging for services like Coupon Match Ups – it is not Coupon Divas. We hire our own staff writers who write them up for you for FREE!
  • If the site blatantly suggests that you use a coupon for something it is not intended for – it is not Coupon Divas. (Sometimes errors occur, but I am talking blatant!).
  • If the site is recommending dumpster diving or stealing newspapers for your coupons – it is not Coupon Divas.
  • If the site offers floor plans and advice on how to turn your kid’s bedroom into a warehouse – it is not Coupon Divas!

I am not going to be a part of what extreme couponing stands for, that’s not a “cop out” to say that I don’t know how to do it, I just believe in my heart that ultimately, no good can come from it. I don’t honestly care what anyone else is doing, but whether they want to believe it or not, their actions are affecting the couponing industry and I don’t expect the outcome to be good. What I do care about most importantly is the insinuation that Coupon Divas supports these types of extreme couponing and hoarding methods and going so far as to try and impersonate our brand and even ME!

My hubby owns a very respected media publishing company and has been online for 18 years and has access to several very capable intellectual property law firms to help put a stop to this – If you are a competitor attempting to profit by using our famous brand or a confusingly similar variation of our trademark, your letter should be arriving soon.

You guys can help me by reporting any of these unscrupulous individuals and sites to me so I can pass the information along the appropriate authorities. They’ll take it from there.

The people that find Coupon Divas and want to be a part of who we are and what we stand for are ALWAYS welcome here and the knowledge we offer will always be FREE (and legal) because I want you to save money and have more for your families!

This is all I have to say on this topic and the smarter legal type guys are going to handle it from here. Back to saving money and having fun doing it. Thanks for reading this far!