Quick Facebook Shortcut for Coupon Divas!

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As many of you know, there were some Facebook changes recently and your personal home pages and timelines look a little different. Here’s a neat feature we found  so you can quickly find all the current savings on Coupon Divas right from your Facebook Homepage – stay on top of the savings! Watch the tutorial below and read thru the quick tutorial if needed and you will quickly be able to make sure you don’t miss another Coupon Divas Deal!

From your home page, look on the left side where your menu is and scroll down to “List” to the right of that it says “More” click here.

Now you will create a “List” – start by naming your list. I called mine “Coupon Divas” – Once you’ve typed it click on “Create List”

Now you need to add us to this list so click on “Add Friends”

There is a drop down menu on the left side that is set to “Friends” If you click the down arrow you will see “Pages” switch to pages and find Coupon Divas. Click on our logo and then click “Done”

Now you will see every post that Coupon Divas has made on Facebook recently AND you will also see that you now have a Coupon Divas button in your LEFT Menu Bar. When you log into Facebook each time, simply click on Coupon Divas and you will go right to our posts without having to search for them! Woohoo!!