How To Earn FREE Extra Care Bucks At CVS!

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Don’t leave money at the counter! You can earn FREE ExtraCare Bucks and help the environment with this awesome tip. You probably know that many stores will pay you a nickel to bring your own reusable shopping bags. I bring my bags to those store when I remember, but the store I never go into without one is CVS! I carry one bag when I shop there and I earn $1 Extra Care Buck on every 4th visit!

How? CVS Extra Care cardholders are rewarded for going green. All you have to do is help the environment with a Green Bag Tag and you will earn ExtraBucks.

Details, Details, Details:

  1. Buy a Green Bag Tag at the front corner for $.99 (it pays for itself!)
  2. Loop it around any reusable shopping bag.
  3. Present the tag, reusable shopping bag and Extra Care Card at the register.
  4. Earn $1 Extra Care Buck every 4th visit, automatically tracks and prints on bottom of receipt.

A few things to keep in mind:

  • You have to have a CVS Extra Care Card to participate. This is CVS’ Shopper Loyalty card and it is FREE to sign up (I will show you in the next video).
  • Extra Bucks are like FREE CVS money that you can use on almost anything in the store.
  • You can keep track how close you are to your next Green Tag reward by checking your receipt under “This Week’s Extra Buck Offers”.
  • You can use any re-usable shopping bag, or a plastic bag from a previous purchase or just carry you items out without a bag and it counts for a credit.
  • Extra Care Bucks do eventually expire so you don’t want to hang onto them forever.

There are a few excluded purchases, but you can check the CVS website for complete details of this offer.