How To Make a Coupon Binder That Saves You Money!

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Having a good system set up for filing your coupons, ads and match ups you will enable you to use more coupons and save you MORE money. Setting up a good coupon binder doesn’t have to be hard and it’s an easy way to get organized and be an effective Lifestyle Couponer!

There is no right or wrong way to set up your coupon binder! As long as you have all of your money saving tools in one place so that you can easily access them on a daily basis – you are all set. Remember, as long as you remember how you organize your coupons, your system works!

Some of the Materials Needed:

  • 3 Ringing Binder (I prefer one that zips shut to keep everything in place). Be sure to check for clearance binders first!
  • 3-Pocket Currency Sheets, 4″ x 6″ photo holders, or the baseball card holders
  • Divider Tabs
  • Pen, Notebook, Extra Envelopes
  • Coupon Policies for your Favorite Stores
  • Optional – Scissors

To set up your binder: I use a 3 ring binder (made by Mead) that zips shut and has a few pockets with an expandable file for my weekly coupon match ups/shopping scenarios, coupons and coupon policies. I separate each of my favorite stores so I can keep my weekly shopping trips organized. The binder pictured above can currently be purchased at Target for $9.99 or shop on Amazon and it is around $10.65.

The 20 pack is currently Free Shipping for Amazon Prime Members!

For my Inserts: I have switched to 20 (Twenty) – BCW Pro Currency Storage Pages for my coupons because they are large enough for every coupon I have come across so far. This works for me because I do not like to fold the coupons for storage! (I currently use 20 sleeves in my binder, however if you have a few friends, you can order a larger pack of these and save a few dollars on your purchase).

50ct BCW 3-Pocket Currency Coupon Size Binder Pages

Organization: I separate my coupons in alphabetical order (just by first letter A, B, C, etc.). When I alphabetize, it is by brand K for Kleenex, P for Puffs etc. If I have a coupon for Kellogg’s but you can purchase Raisin Bran, Special K or Crispix – I will put the coupon under K for Kellogg’s. Other ways to separate your coupons include dividing by food groups or common categories (cereals, vegetables, sauces, meats, etc).

Other Items I Include: A notebook for making notes on  prices and keeping my grocery lists, a pen/pencil to make notes and cross off items as I purchase them and usually I have scissors when I haven’t clipped my Sunday coupons promptly or I have some I printed that are hot off the press.

Your binder can be set up for simple couponing, drugstore shopping or even more advanced couponing – it’s whatever fits your needs, your interest level or the needs of your family. Once you have your initial coupon binder set up, you are ready to head out to the stores and test it out. Don’t be afraid to “tweak” your binder and make adjustments/additions where needed.

You are now on your way to saving more money on your grocery and drugstore shopping with your NEW coupon binder. Does it really save money? Just watch your receipts and you will have your proof!

Useful Resources:
Where to send expired coupons: Coups For Troops will take your expired coupons and send them to military families overseas because they can use coupons for up to 6 months. A great way to give back :)