How To Make Money by Installing These 4 Apps!

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There’s an app for that!! Yes, if you are looking to make a little extra money on the side, look no further than your smartphone! There are not many places where you can earn money just for being you in your daily life, so be sure to check out these apps and score some cool rewards!


1) Nielsen Mobile Panel

Nielsen is a research company that measures the audience of any given product or service. With this information, companies can learn how to better please their customers. The Nielsen Mobile App will reward you just for using your mobile device! Simply download the app, fill out some information about yourself, create a profile and follow the instructions for installation. You can earn up to $50 per year, in rewards for just using your phone or other mobile device as you normally would! Once you are active and begin earning points, you can redeem them in the Neilsen Online Shop for Gift cards from stores like Target and Amazon or pick from Electronics such as a TV Or Digital Camera. You can remove yourself from participation at any time. Can be used on Iphone or Android.


2) Media Insiders Panel

The Media Insiders Panel is an app that will reward you for using your phone just as you normally do as well as watching TV, searching the internet, texting, sharing, posting etc. This Panel collects data on how we do all of these things. The info will then be used to improve the media in the future. You can earn points each week for up to three mobile devices and one computer. Do you have a tablet? They will earn extra rewards! Rewards can also be earned for doing surveys! You choose which type of reward you would like. Enter into quarterly, monthly and weekly Sweepstakes OR choose Perks Points to get items from places like TJ Maxx, Starbucks, Amazon and more. Can be used on Iphone or Android.


3) Slidejoy

Slidejoy is an app to earn you money for using your phone as an advertisement. Install the app, create a profile and begin to see beautiful ads on your home “lock screen”. You can make $5-$10 per week or more depending on how much you may look at your phone. Most check their phones dozens of times per day! However, over checking will be penalized. It can tell if you are looking at your phone too much and in that case there will be no reward. So just use your phone as you normally would! When an ad appears on your phone you can swipe left to look at the product or swipe right to go to your normal home screen. They are basically paying you to be able to show you different products.


4) Viggle

Viggle is less about your phone usage and more about your TV viewing. Download the app on your Iphone or Android and check in with what you are watching. You will then earn points and rewards to redeem for music, trips, electronics or gift cards. You can also check in with which music you may be listening to. You will earn one point for each minute you are watching or listening. Earn bonus points with Viggle Trivia! Available on Iphone Or Android.