How to Save Money at Starbucks – 13 Hacks You Need to Know!

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Just saying the word Starbucks and my nose can smell the coffee already. Yum! We all do it. Make our daily trip to Starbucks and order our favorite cup of “Pick Me Up” to start our day out right. By the end of the week we think of the adding costs and it brings up a bit of guilt. With these simple tricks you will be able to enjoy your cup of joe guilt free!

1. Bring your own cup!

Save .10 cents when you bring your own travel mug or cup! Score!


2. Starbucks Rewards

Earn 2 Stars for every $1 you spend using your Starbucks App or registered Card in stores or online, no matter what you buy. Stars will add up to Star Rewards you can redeem for free food and drinks.


3. Refill Please

Did you know you can get a refill for $.50?! You can. As long as it is within the same visit. So if you are lucky enough to have a “mobile office” where you can work virtually anywhere Or you want to start having work meetings at Starbucks, you will save this way too! Reach the Green Level of Starbucks Rewards and refills will be FREE!


4. Order a Coffee Press

Will you be staying a while? Drinking a lot of coffee or gathering with a bunch of friends? Save more by ordering a coffee press. This will save you, by buying in a larger size to share rather than per cup.


5. Go light on the ice!

Have you ever been sad when your drink is all gone but still half full of ice? Me too! Ask for less ice, this way you get more to drink for the same price!


6. Change it up!

Order four shots on ice, in a Venti cup and add the complimentary milk as you like. This will save you up to $1.50!


7. Buy discount gift cards!

Head to sites like and buy discount gift cards – you can usually save between 5% and 10% off the value of the card!


8. Choose the cheaper $3-$4 options.

Yes they do exist. Get creative and get your coffee price down so that the guilt factor of grabbing one daily will subside a bit!


9.Your puppy can save at Starbucks too!

Yay! You’re furry friend can get a free Puppy Latte Or Puppycino!. This mini drink comes in a sample cup with whipped cream. Too Cute!!


10. Need a water?

Don’t buy the bottled water. Ask for a cup of water and save almost $2.00! Starbucks triple filters their water AND ice, to ensure for good coffee. This way you still get premium water but for far less expense!!


11. Keep an eye out for Holiday Promotions!

They tend to have new events daily for a couple of weeks during the Nov.-Dec. Holiday Season! One of my favorites is a mug at a super cheap price that can be refilled for way less than regular price! Another favorite is the December Starbucks Advent Calendar. Many times you can purchase these at a great deal online @ and each day has a sweet treat or store Freebie!


12. Make your own coffee at home with Starbucks Subscriptions!

You can actually save two ways in one here. First by making it at home and second by the subscription purchase. Your first order is 10% off!


13. Two for the price of one

My barista actually told me about this one! A venti is 24 ounces and a tall is 12. You can get any venti beverage split into 2 talls and save yourself at least $3.