How To Save Money on Organic Foods

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Eating organic can be pricey and I must admit I was one of the first to turn my nose up at the idea of buying organic foods.  Not because I didn’t want myself or my family to be healthy but because I didn’t see the need if we were already healthy.  Over the past few months I have made small changes starting with my meat.  I noticed that I no longer liked to cook chicken in any form, baked, broiled, pan fried or slow cooked.  It just wasn’t tasting as good or tender as I knew it could.  For this reason I headed back to the grocery store and bought a big pack of organic chicken.  I did not have a coupon BUT it was on quick sale because it’s “sell by date” was approaching.  I was able to knock off $2.00! This made it not much more than the regular chicken I had been buying.

As I made my meal that night, I changed nothing about my recipe that I had used weeks prior and it was DELISH! Not only did it taste better it cooked easier! Even my husband asked what I had done differently.  From then on I have been hooked.  I hope that you have the same positive experience if you decide to make the switch too!


  • Buy Bulk

Buying most items in bulk will give you a better price per unit.  The same applies to organic foods.  Check which ones you can find in your local Costco, Sams Or BJ’s and save on your most needed products when you compare their price to your local grocery store.



  • Purchase Unpackaged Foods

Many times the unpackaged organic foods will cost less.  The other added bonus is that you can pick just the right amount that will fit your budget or need for the week.





  • Shop These Stores

Some of the most popular organic foods stores include Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods, Wegmans Or Mom’s Organic Market.  Check HERE to see which stores are available in your area.





  • Look for Generic Organic Brands

Now that organic foods have become more in demand the generic brands have had to make some changes and join the game in order to keep up.  I love this!  Target’s Brand Of Simply Balanced is one example of this.  You can grab their baking items, chips, snacks and even eggs in their Simply Balanced line of Organic Foods!  Check for their store coupons HERE.  You can even find some of their deals from Target’s Cartwheel App as well!


  • Join a Co Op

A Co Op is like a member owned local grocery store full of fresh foods.  Check your area HERE to join one near you!






  • Visit your local Farmer’s Market

Shop your local Farmer’s Market for the freshest in season fruits and vegetables!  Not sure where your’s is?  Check Local Harvest to find one near you.  Many times you can negotiate the price based on the quantity you are buying of any given food item.  Begin a relationship with your local farm vendors.  You may be able to catch a deal if you are a loyal customer.



  • Look For Coupons!

Mambo SproutsWhole Foods Coupons, Earthfare Coupons, Simply Organic, Stonyfield, Organic Valley and Simply Balanced from Target are some of the coupon sources out there for organic products.  Be sure to keep your eyes open for additional offers on your favorite organic products.  For example if you find a cereal that you love, head to their website or Facebook page to see if they have any printable coupons that can save you on your next purchase.

Save Time: Use Coupon Divas Coupon Database to search for all your Organic Coupons at one time. Coupon Divas scours the Internet for all the available coupons to save you time!


  • Plant Your Own Vegetable Garden

Pick your product for FREE!  With a little bit of investment you may reap a lifetime of benefits.  My parents have a very large back yard and every summer they have an abundance of tomatoes, lettuce, zucchini, peppers and cucumbers. Even if you start small with a porch tomato plant, it will be gratifying to know where your produce is coming from. In addition, many stores like Walmart, Home Depot and Lowe’s sell “starter garden kits”.



  • Plan a wWeekly Menu of Organic recipes

Search for Organic recipes or just tweak your current meal ideas by switching out the regular meat for the organic, same goes for veggies.  Plan ahead before you go to the store so that you may use some of the same ingredients in different dishes, therefore cutting down on your grocery bill.




  • Buy Frozen

Just as in any other foods, buying the frozen organic vegetables and fruits will be cheaper than the fresh and carry just as much nutrients.  Be sure to browse your grocer’s freezer section to see which organic products they carry.





  • Look For Discounts Or Clearanced Items

As I had found when buying my pack of organic chicken, they need sold before their “sell by” date just like all the other meats.  The same goes for other organic items.  Keep your eyes open and check for a pattern.  Maybe your store discounts their meats on Thursdays.  You will want to make a plan to shop on that day.



  • Shop Online

If you are not happy with the selection that you have in your local stores, we now have access to grocery items online!! Amazon, Green PolkaDot Box, Thrive Market, Golden Door and even Ebay are a few of the “go to” places you may want to try.





  • Pick the Items are most important to buy Organic

You may not want to go all out organic on every food item in your kitchen.  Pick which seems most reasonable to you.  Maybe you want to focus on fresh fruits and vegetables since you live near a farmers market.  There is no wrong way to save on healthy food!





  • Eat the foods that are “In Season”

As always, when it is “in season” it is at it’s best possible price.  Look to buy the current season’s foods.  You may even be able to stock up and freeze them for when they are no longer at their best price.






Grab this helpful link and eat healthy on any trip, anywhere!  Find healthy grocery stores, Farmers Markets and Co-ops from point A to B!


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