How to Shop at Costco and Sam’s Club Without a Membership

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Shopping the warehouse deals is a great way to save on groceries through the month. Not only will it help your budget but it can allow you to stock up so that you do not have to go to the grocery store as often. For those with larger family’s or just super busy schedules this can be very appealing. Although the price for the membership to do so is not. Take a look at some of the ways you can snag the savings without paying club fees out of pocket!

Note: While these tips are a great way to “try out” these stores, if you feel their fees are worth the cost, definitely consider purchasing a membership (the savings do really add up)!

  1. Print out a One Day Pass!
    Grab a one day shopping pass to Sam’s club. This will give you access to all the savings that members have! Grab a cheap lunch, stock up on your household and pantry needs and best of all pick up those gift cards! Purchase $100 gift cards for as low as $79.99ea for places you already will be headed to such as your favorite restaurants, movies or retail stores.
  2. Look for Membership Promos
    For instance, the recent Free Sam’s Membership for Pregnant or New Mom’s!
  3. Grab a Costco Cash Card!
    Ask a friend or family member who has a membership to snag one for as low as $25. You can give them the cash for it. This card will work as your “membership card”. You must use it first to pay towards your full purchase, then use any other form of payment to pay the rest of your total.
  4. Shop the “non-member” items
    Pharmacy, Optics and liquor items do not require a membership. Take advantage of these savings!
  5. Have a Family Member add you to their Sam’s Club membership!
    This is a complimentary offer and can be done online!
  6. If you do buy a membership, have it pay for itself!
    Buy the Sam’s Club “Plus Membership Card” and earn $10 for every $500 you spend. If you are a large family that needs up to $500 per month in groceries and household items your rewards will pay for the yearly renewal!

    At Costco, they sell discount gift cards to popular restaurants and stores, many times they are a $100 value for $79.99. Be sure to check for your favorites and you could be on your way to a membership that pays for itself!

  7. Shop Online!
    Head to or and have your purchases sent straight to your door! The only downfall is that you will pay a 10% surcharge for being a non member, so be sure to shop extra savvy online.
  8. Be on the lookout for Open House Events
    From time to time they invite non members to come in an shop over a one or two day period in order to see what kind of savings they can grab if they had a membership.
  9. Shop Costco Via Instacart!
    Snag this service without a membership and your first order over $10 is delivered to your house for FREE! Download the app and make it even more convenient! Snag it for Android Or iTunes. It may not yet be available in your area.
  10. Keep an eye out for LivingSocial and Groupon Membership deals!