How to Shop at Walmart: 10 Tips to Help You Save!

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We get it.  Hopping around from store to store to get the best of all the deals is really time-consuming.  I’m sure all of us have felt that way, even if only for a season.  Well, there’s good news, there are things you can do to make sure and maximize your savings if you’ve switched to Big Blue.  Here are a few tricks we know, and we’d love to hear yours!
NOTE: Please remember to use only as reference – stores sometimes change their policies without notice (if you have a correction, please email editor [at]


  • Price Match


    • Use local ads to get the best deals on all name brand items, produce, and meat.
      • You can use BOGO deals with a specified price like Buy one for $2.49, get one free (BOGO)
      • Match ads with a specific item for a specified price like Crystal Light for $1.
      • Preferred shopping card prices like 2/$4 with card.
      • And get fresh produce or meat when the price is offered in the same unit type.
    • You don’t need the actual ad, but it does help.  Better still, bookmark the stores on your phone’s browser so if you don’t have the ads, you can still pull up the ad quickly if there is any question.
    • To make it easier at checkout, keep your ad match items separate and mark them in some way.  Use stickers or even sharpie marks.


  • Savings Catcher


    • Once you’ve price matched all your items, submit your receipt to Savings Catcher within 7 days. If you missed anything, you’ll still get the money back via an e-gift card!
      • Submit up to 7 receipts a week via Walmart phone app or online.  All you need is the TC number at the bottom of the receipt.
      • It’ll catch any item with a lower price at local grocery stores, mass market stores, and dollar stores. It does not include drug stores.


  • Online Price Matching


    • Price match retail items to online prices at select retailers including!
      • often has lower prices than Walmart so make sure to check there first.
    • Check out the full list of stores you can match at the bottom of this page.


  • Use Coupons!


    • Walmart accepts manufacturer coupons, print-at-home coupons, competitor’s coupons, soft drink caps, and catalina coupons that have “Manufacturer Coupon” with specific item requirements printed on them.  All must be within expiration date.
      • Competitor’s coupons are for items with a specific price like the in-ad coupons you might find in the Walgreens ad.
      • Catalina coupons are coupons you get at the checkout of any store.  If they have manufacturer coupon printed at the top, are for dollars/cents off on a specific item, and include a remit-to address, they are good.
    • If the coupon value is higher than the price of the item, you get the extra back in cash or you can use it to apply to your cart!
    • The system will prompt for a supervisor if you use 4 or more of the same exact coupon in one transaction, if you use a coupon of $5+, if your coupons equal $50 or more, or if they exceed a percentage (%) off of the total sale.
    • Coupon Divas brings you the best match-ups from verified experts.  Look for Walmart’s match-up here.


  • Shop early!


    • Perishables are marked down around 8 AM at most stores.  Get 30% off or better on meat and 40% on baked goods by shopping early and looking for markdowns.



  • Watch for Clearance


    • If your store is anything like mine, you’ll find a whole aisle of clearance buys.  Here’s the deal: clearance is hit or miss at Walmart.  I’ve found items that have red tags, but are still regular price.  Make sure and know your prices to get the best deals.
    • Look for endcaps with clearance as well.  Each department in the store will also have clearance so make sure to keep your eyes open.


  • Pay Attention to Deceptive Pricing Practices.

    • In my experience, family-size/bulk packages are sometimes more expensive per unit than buying individual packages which is quite the opposite of most retailers.
      • An example would be their Turkey hot dogs.  At my store, I can get a 12 oz package of hot dogs for $0.98, but the 48 oz family pack is $3.98.  If I were to buy four packs, I’d have an equal amount but actually pay slightly less.


  • Use Gift Cards to Pay for Gas at Murphy Express


    • You’ll get a $0.03 discount on gas per gallon with a Walmart gift card. For the past couple years, they have increased the discount to $0.10 per gallon over the summer.




  • Consider using a Walmart Credit Card.


    • They often have promos for $25 credit when you purchase $75 or more.
    • Pay your bill right at the register.
    • Save $0.05 per gallon at Murphy Express.  It’s increased to $0.15 per gallon the past couple of summers!
    • Earn $5 for every $500 spent so pay for your groceries/gas.


  • What to Avoid at Walmart:


    • There are a few items that can be gotten elsewhere for less, with or without coupons.
      • Diapers – Drug stores, Target, and even grocery stores have them beat on these, especially when you use coupons.
      • Toys – With stacks at Target, special offers from Toys R Us, and hot Amazon prices, you can find toy deals for much better prices.
      • Gift Cards – Grocery stores offer much better incentives, and gift card services like Raise offer great discounts.
      • Organic Items – Aldi, Sprouts, grocery stores, and even farmer’s markets will get you better pricing.
      • Video Games/DVDs – Sure, they have nice prices around Black Friday, but you can get better everyday pricing at Amazon, Target, Best Buy, and other retailers.