How to Use a Walgreens Register Reward

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Register Rewards are Walgreens Shopper Rewards program and simply explained they are coupons from the Catalina machine that print when you make a qualifying purchase of eligible item(s) advertised in the Weekly Ad, or an in-store promotion.

Your Register Rewards coupon will print out at the register, with your receipt, to redeem on your next shopping trip and there is a limit of 1 coupon per offer.

In this week’s video, we show you what a Register Reward looks like, what you are looking for in the weekly sales ads and also give a few scenarios to help you get a better idea of how to use your Walgreens Register Rewards!

Register Rewards Can Be Tricky at Times – Things to Remember:

  • You can’t use a Register Reward from one transaction to purchase the same item again. New Register Rewards will not print.
  • There is a limit 1 Register Reward on each Offer per transaction. Basically if the ad says Get Back $2 in Register Rewards wyb 1, if you try to purchase more than one in a single transaction, only ONE Register Reward will print on that transaction.
  • MOST IMPORTANT: You CANNOT use a Register Reward from the same manufacturer to purchase another item from that same manufacturer. Many of the Register Reward Offers will be from popular companies like Proctor and Gamble and the Register Reward barcode is coded with a generic code that covers ALL P&G products – this prevents a second register reward from printing on a new purchase.
  • Walgreens considers Register Rewards a manufacturer coupons so you need to factor that into your item total when shopping. Register Rewards AND Coupons combined cannot exceed the total number of items in your transaction. If you have more coupons and Register Rewards you could just add an inexpensive item (a.k.a Filler Item) to your transaction.