Insider Tips on How to Read a Target Clearance Tag

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Target can be one of the most fun places to shop! Between a Starbucks coffee, Target Cartwheel, Mobile Coupons, Target Printable Coupons and Clearance you will almost always have a great shopping trip! Have you ever wondered how deep of a discount you are actually getting? Or questioned yourself if you are purchasing each item at it’s lowest price point? Now there is a way to have a better idea of what all those Target Price Tags are really showing you!

Seasonal Clearance

  • When we think of clearance items we tend to remember all of those end of season mark downs. While all items in the store are subject to a clearance markdown in order to make room for new merchandise, seasonal items often clearance much faster in order for them to be purchased more quickly.

Check for the small number in the upper right corner of the clearance tag

  • This little number will let you know the % amount you are saving. You can grab a clearance deal for 15%, 30%, 50%, 70% or even 90% off! For example if the number in the corner is 30, then your item is 30% off. This also means that if it hangs around the store shelves long enough it will be discounted even further to 50% or even 90%. The key is to grab it at it’s lowest price before someone else scoops it up! Also keep in mind that some items will not go on such a steep discount so fast. The deep clearances can vary by store as well.

Does the Price end in $.06 or $.08?

  • If your item’s price ends in $.06 or $.08 this is a good indication that it will be marked down again. Typically, the item will remain at the initial clearance price for a period of two weeks and then be marked down further. You can take this as a “watch” item to come back again and see how far the price can plummet.

Random price tag endings

  • If you find Target price tags that end with $0.00, $0.01, $0.05, $0.07 etc., our insider tells us that these variations typically have no specific meaning and the item will just continue through the clearance cycle.

What does it mean if the price doesn’t end in $.04?

  • A price tag ending in $.04 means the item has been marked for final clearance, and this is the lowest price at which Target will sell it.

Keep an eye out for Targets Estimated Weekly Markdown Schedule

  • Monday: Baby and Kids Clothing and Electronics
  • Tuesday: Decor , Women”s Apparel, Diapers and Pets
  • Wednesday: Men’s Apparel, Food, Health & Beauty, Lawn & Garden
  • Thursday: Shoes, Housewares, Lingerie and Toys
  • Friday: Jewelry, Cosmetics and Home Improvement

Don’t forget to shop Target’s Annual Clearance Events!

  • Toys: Toys will be on clearance during the months of July and October and then again after Christmas. I have found the most success in July.
  • Baby Items: The Baby clearance event is usually around January and July. Grab deep discounts on baby essentials, furniture, clothing and all the other necessary gear for your tiny tot.