Just What are CVS Extra Care Bucks (ECBs) – Part 1

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CVS Extra Care Bucks, ECBs, Green Bag Tags, rolling your ECBs and on and on. I am sure you have heard and read the lingo from CVS shoppers trying to get the most out of their shopping trips. You want in on it, you want to save to, but you don’t know where to start.

We are going to go step by step and learn how to shop at CVS using their Extra Care Loyalty card, coupons and sale ads to maximize our savings. First we need to talk about what the CVS Extra Care program is and how you get your card – “The Basics”

CVS pharmacy has one of my favorite customer loyalty programs and it is called ExtraCare Rewards. When you sign up for their program you will receive a shopper loyalty card (just like at many grocery stores), that you attach to a key chain or carry in your wallet. Each time you shop, both in stores and online, you will want to scan your Extra Care card so you can accumulate points towards your rewards.

How Do I Earn Rewards?

  • You will earn 2% back with every purchase in-store and online
  • You will earn 1 Extra Buck for every 2 prescriptions purchased both in store and online – Excludes purchases of pharmacy items paid for in whole or in part by state and/or federal health care programs and prescriptions purchased in-store in NJ and NY, and controlled substances in Louisiana.

These points will accumulate on your card and every 3 months, your Extra Bucks will print out on your register receipt. These can also be printed by logging into your online account. Once they have printed, you can spend your Extra Bucks at any CVS location or online the next time you shop!

But that’s not all!! There are more ways that you can save when you shop In-Store with your ExtraCare Card.

  • You get instant savings on items featured in the weekly CVS store circular ad. These are sometimes called “Clip-free Coupons” meaning you don’t have to cut them out, you just scan your card when you checkout. You will see in the ad, “Price With Card”, they mean your ExtraCare card.
  • You can earn even more Extra Bucks by checking weekly ads for advertised brands. The ad will state the “Extra Bucks Reward” amount and also let you know what you would pay after Extra Bucks. Your ECBs will print on your receipt immediately following your qualifying purchase(s). The ECBs can then be used on your next purchase although there are a few exclusions on what you can use them for: tobacco, alcohol, lottery, gift cards, postage stamps, prescriptions and a few others. Be sure to check with CVS.

Other Extra Care Rewards Benefits Include:

  • You will find additional savings and special offers that print out on your store receipt in addition to your Extra Bucks.
  • If you opted-in to receiving special savings via email, you will receive exclusive offers for in-store and online purchases.

How to Sign Up for ExtraCare Rewards:

  1. You can apply for an ExtraCare card by visiting the Extra Care section of the  CVS website. You can also visit the store and fill out the application there and get your card right away.
  2. This is a 2 part process, you want to click on “Don’t have an ExtraCare card? Get a new one now. You fill in basic info and then it takes you back to the main screen and you can Request your Card. You will then be prompted to enter your mailing address.
  3. It also asks for your phone number, which is actually important because if you ever forget your card when you are shopping, they can look up your account so the purchase can be added to your account!
  4. They also ask “Do you wish to receive valuable offers via email?” I would definitely check “Yes” because CVS sends valuable moneysaving coupons from time to time that are cardholder specific.

Tips For Maximizing Your Savings Using Extra Care Bucks:

  • Use Manufacturer Coupons with items on sale in the weekly ad
  • Combine CVS store coupons with Manufacturer Coupons for added savings
  • Utilize product rebates to get additional money back and sometimes score free items (you can also use mfg. coupons on rebate items).

These tips will help you build the amount of Extra Care Bucks you have in your arsenal. Before you know it you will be rolling your savings from one week to the next and come out of pocket very little, if at all, on your purchases.