Learn How To Get Free Samples By Mail and Score Great Coupons!

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You see Free Samples all the time but you may be asking yourself “why you would need or want them?”, “why spend the time requesting sample after sample?” There are several request free samples, the first is to get stuff for free, the second is to try a new product before you buy a full size and the third is because they usually come with valuable manufacturer coupons!

Tips to Remember When Requesting Free Samples:

  1. Make sure the sample is totally free. Try to avoid paying shipping and handling fees and only requests samples that are truly free.
  2. Use your real address and e-mail. You can always set up an email just for free samples, but make sure you use a real one in case they verify that information submitted is accurate. You wouldn’t want to void your request.
  3. Only Request one free sample. Don’t attempt to get multiple free samples, not only should you leave some for others, you don’t want to void your request if they figure out you have submitted multiple orders.

When your free samples arrive, be sure to check your packaging carefully because 9 times out of 10, you will also receive a money saving coupon for your next full size product purchase. The nice thing about the coupons included in samples is that they are usually a high $$ value, which makes for a nice score.

Be very careful when giving out your information to sample sites. I recommend going directly to manufacturer websites or to blogs that you trust that post current freebies that are available – Coupon Divas has a Freebies Section HERE. There are also several companies that send out product samples for you to try and give your opinion on as well as share coupons. Some of those companies include: Procter and Gamble, Kraft First Taste and Vocalpoint.

Requesting coupons is definitely not a waste of time. In a few short weeks, your mailbox will be full of great new treats and products to try and if you like the product you will probably have a great money saving coupon to take to the store for a full size purchase.