Listen to Your Clothes Sweepstakes

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Do you have a favorite piece of clothing that accidentally went in with the bleach items? Maybe a sock that is now lighter than its match because of a bleaching accident. I have several mysterious spots and swirls on pieces of clothing – I just used a little bleach to freshen or get out a stain and ended up with ruined items!

The picture of towels is one of several towels damaged when I decided bleach would be a good way to freshen the funky smelling towels. These are now car wash towels.

This second picture looks like a normal shirt with a small stain on the front. Well, without even thinking I took this $18 t-shirt that changes colors when the sun hits it and put it in the bleach load. I totally forgot that the guy at the store specifically told me NEVER bleach the shirt. Needless to say, it doesn’t change colors anymore :(

Spray ‘n Wash Bright and White wants to see pictures of your bleaching accidents. Enter the Listen to Your Clothes sweepstakes for your chance to win a Luxe Laundry Room Makeover valued at $10,000 along with 80 other prizes. Share a story about when you had a bleach accident while doing laundry.
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