L’Oreal Elseve Total Hair Repair – Possible Free Product Testing

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Here’s a great new offer you can sign up for! Toluna online survey company also offers paid Product Trials. This is great for you because you get Free Products AND you get paid to review them by completing surveys about the products.

Right now there is new product testing opportunity open for L’Oreal Elseve Total Hair Repair. Be sure you Sign Up for Toluna (NOTE: Make sure you confirm your email address). Once you’ve signed up Log In and apply for this offer for your chance to get it on this one.

It’s easy to get started:

1. Sign up here.

2. Mouse over the “Explore” tab.

3. Click on “Test Products”.

4. Click the “Test” button.

5. A popup will appear which explains the rules. Then you click “next” and select that you want a free product. That’s all!