Lunchbox Hacks | 19 Awesome Tricks for School Lunches

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Making lunches each day can become such a hassle. We run out of ideas and even the energy to think up new and fresh ways to make the combinations more yummy and easy to put together. Check out these tips and save some time!

1. Use drinks as ice packs

Throw those juice pouches in the freezer overnight and the next day they will keep the lunch box items cold as it thaws for lunch!

2. Keep sliced apples fresh

Slice apples into wedges and then putting it back together, whole with core and wrapping in saran wrap. Some even suggest using a rubber band. This keeps the air away from the apple slices to prevent browning.

3. Make a Snack Box

Buy snack size baggies and portion out all of you snacks, cookies, chips, carrot slices grapes. Have a box for each the fridge and the pantry and when it is time to put lunches together just grab what you need!

4. Make your own ice packs

Freeze wet Dollar Tree sponges in small Ziploc baggies.

5. Make a load of lunch notes at the beginning of each month

This way you don’t have to think so hard as to what message you would like your child to read, you will have many to choose from that are ready to go!

6. Build your own Lunchables

Grab the “bento box’ like plastic ware or divided food storage containers. Use muffin cups to help divide items in a cute way as well. These are easy to make ahead at night and pull out of the fridge in the morning!

7. Make your own trail mix!

It can be a great snack to have through the week as an alternative to the regular ones we usually grab. You can make up a new mix every week! I love almonds, chocolate covered raisins and cinnamon chex!

8. Plastic spoons and forks

Head to the Dollar Tree and grab a few bags of plastic spoons and forks to have on hand to throw in the lunchboxes. There is nothing worse than having to put in a kitchen spoon only for it to get thrown away at school!

9. Prepare in Batches

Make a batch of PB&J Sandwiches ahead of time and freeze them! They thaw perfectly :)

10. Plan ahead

If you have two or more lunches to make each morning it may be easier to get them together in the evening to keep the morning less stressful. This may even give you a few more minutes of sleep!

11. Want to pack a hot lunch?!

Grab a mini thermos. Heat up some soup, chili or even chicken nuggets in the morning and they will still be warm at lunch!

12. Prepackaged Snacks

There is no shame in grabbing some prepackaged snacks. Have you seen those cute packs of Hummus and pretzel crisps? I think those are adorable and so tempting to make lunch making a bit easier. When you have a good find like this throw it in with your homemade items.

13. Cookie Cutter Fun!

If your child hates the crust of the sandwiches use cookie cutters to easily remove the crusts and create a cute shape!

14. Make Fun Fruit and Cheese Too

Cookie Cutters are great for fruit and cheese snacks too! You may want to make a few baggies of these ahead of time and have them ready to go in the fridge.

15. Make a “Dippable” Lunch.

Grab some peanut butter, ranch dressing or hummus with veggies, cracker and pretzels to dip!

16. PB&J Tips!

Something I learned early on with my first child. I always cut the PB&J sandwiches into squares. Otherwise my kiddos tend to eat through the middle of the sandwich and get it on their cheeks.

17. Get creative with tortillas

Wrap up just about anything or make pinwheels to have a fun alternative from the everyday sandwiches.

18. Make Mini Kabobs!

Fruit, cheese, veggie, meat, repeat!

19. Use breakfast or dinner leftovers

From mini pancakes to rotisserie chicken, it all works!