Mail In Rebates and Try Me Free Offers – Here’s How to Get Free Stuff!

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I know you have heard of Mail In Rebates and Try Me Free Offers and maybe thought they were a joke, or heard that they never come, but they are a great way to try NEW products and score FREE products! In today’s economy, we are all trying to stretch our dollars and make them last longer so take a look at these tips to successfully submit your mail in rebates and try me free offers and get stuff for FREE!

Amanda, a loyal Coupon Divas reader, had never seen a Try Me Free Offer in the store so she asked me to show her what they looked like so she would know what to look for next time she shopped.

5 Tips To Help You With Mail in Rebates and Try Me Free Offers:

  1. The Form: If you find the handtag or sticker on the item in the store, it is very important to keep it because you may not be able to find the offer online and you will need the form they attached to the product.
  2. UPC Requirements: Read instructions to see if you are required to cut and include UPC or write the UPC number on your receipt.
  3. Special Instructions: Look for any additional requirements such as including stickers from packaging.
  4. Copy Forms, Receipt and UPC: It is very important that you copy all paperwork you are sending in; your receipt, UPC, form etc. I suggest copying or even scanning in just so you have it for reference should you have any problems.
  5. Mark Your Calendar: Write down the date when you send your forms so you will know when to expect your refund.

Note: I ONLY participate in rebates from reputable, established companies that I know and trust. Always read the instructions on the rebate offer carefully and follow them EXACTLY. If it says to circle items on the receipt, make sure you do. You will not receive sale tax back on a Try Me Free or Full Refund Offer and occasionally when you use a Mfg. Coupon, that amount is deducted from what you receive from the company

If you get an e-mail or postcard notification that states the rebate was denied, read it carefully because many times it will allow you to supply the correct information in order to qualify.