Mobile Coupons Are Becoming Easy To Use For Instant Savings

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Mobile coupons – you have heard of them but you aren’t really sure whether or not they are really a great deal considering you have to pay for text messages. Mobile coupons are not as well known just yet, but they can save you a ton of money and even pay for the cost off adding unlimited text to some of the current plans out there. I have unlimited texting on AT&T, but you will want to see what your options are with your cell company before signing up for text coupon alerts. Today alone I scored one mobile coupon that was good for $5 off!

So how do they work? Next time you are in a restaurant, hair salon, pet groomer, kennel etc. take a look around for a sign by the cash registers or on the counter. Normally it will let you know that you can save instantly by texting a word to a 5 digit number. Simply send an SMS text with that number and word and within seconds usually, your coupon savings arrives. At most of the stores I have visited, I simply show my phone when I pay and the discount is taken of the bill. I have saved $5 at the hair salon, $5 at the Dog Kennel, tons of money at restaurants using their coupons for free items and $$ off my meals. Even stores like Target now have mobile coupons they can send to your Smartphone/iPhone to use at checkout and these can be stacked!!

Once you text and sign up, most companies send 1 to a couple texts a month with savings for your next visit. Use them or let them expire, it’s up to you. If you ever get tired of receiving the special offers, you can simply text the company the word “STOP” and you should get a message that you have been removed from the list. Many times I am standing right in the restaurant the first time and they let me use the offer immediately. It’s that simple to save money instantly!

Do you know of a great store that offers text coupons? Share it in the comments below!! We love to save :)