My Visit to CVS Headquarters

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Photo Credit: Diamond Photography

Since I was in Woonsocket, Rhode Island last week visiting the CVS Corporate Headquarters, I thought I could use today’s Teach Me Tuesday to share what I learned!!

I went to CVS with a group of bloggers that were invited to meet with the great men and women responsible for the Extra Care Program, Marketing Division, Beauty, Household products and Customer Relations. There was even a “model” CVS Store inside the Corporate facility where they practice product placement, floor design and test out merchandising. We were there to talk about what CVS is doing now and what they could do better as well as some sneak peeks at what they have planned for the future!

The day I arrived also happened to be the day we will call “The Pepsi Coupon Fiasco”! I feel the “owned their mess up” and they said they learned from it so hopefully we will see improvements the next time around!

My biggest take away for the trip was whether or not we can get our hands on a much needed Coupon Policy.

The answer is Yes. Although I don’t think they have plans to post a policy on the CVS website at this time, they did agree that could do something. They will be sending an official CVS Coupon Policy to us so that we can post if for all of you. They are still leaving final decisions up to the individual store managers which is going to keep things a little quirky but we will keep working with them.

Multiple Cards:
This was a confusing area and we actually got the feeling that they did not realize people had more than one card they were using. This is another area that may be addressed as we move forward.

Store Supplies on Sale Items:
We also talked about a new system that CVS will be implementing in order to track each store’s performance on previous sales. This information will be used to order the supplies for the next sale! They are working quickly to find ways to solve the issue of products not being available throughout the dates of the sale. They even have a sheet that tracks “lost sales” – this means they track what they could have sold had they had the product in stock. These changes are going to be gradual – nothing will be an overnight improvement, but they are gathering their data as quickly as possible to satisfy customer demands.

One thing I had been told before I went to CVS was that they wanted to focus their efforts on getting people to stop throwing away their ExtraBucks Rewards. Are you surprised to hear people don’t know about these rewards and throw them out each week? One big change that is coming is the re-design of the “look” of the ECBs!! You will see they will now show the amount very large and eye catching – I think this is going to help a lot! You can also go to and reprint any ECBs that you have lost or not sure you had!! I know some of you just emailed me on lost ECBs so this will make you do the happy dance :)

All in all, I think it was a great trip and we did learn a lot. CVS is a very coupon friendly company and they are really trying to improve their systems in order to accommodate their customers. I am looking forward to all these great changes over the next couple of weeks and also make sure you are on the lookout for a fabulous video that I filmed last week for CVS! I am very excited and cannot wait to share it with all of you.