One Coupon Per Purchase vs. One Coupon Per Transaction

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You just left the store and you’re confused because they said you couldn’t use the coupons the way you had intended. One coupon per purchase, one coupon per transaction – what is the difference and why is it important? The coupon terminology is important to understand when you are buying multiples of the same item and want to use multiples of the same coupon because they mean two very different things.

First, keep in mind we are just talking about the basic wording on coupons, so let’s not think about more advanced couponing practices like stacking (which refers to using a store coupon and a mfg. coupon). That is something completely different and you can check that out in our Coupon Stacking Tutorial.

One Coupon Per Purchase:
When a coupon or coupon policy states that you can use one coupon per purchase, that actually means “per item” being purchased. If you had 2 items that were the same and you had 2 coupons that were the same that said “one coupon per purchase” in the terms – you would be able to use 1 coupon for each of those items because you are purchasing 2.

That being said, in light of the recent extremes people have been going to with coupon use, please also make sure to check your store’s coupon policy because they may have added a stipulation limiting the number of “like” (or the same) items/coupons that you can use. The actual store policy will overrule the coupon wording, but policies are usually fair allowing you to use usually 4 of the same coupon.

One Coupon Per Transaction:
If a coupon states that you can only use “One Coupon Per Transaction” – transaction refers to a time through the register buying your items. For example, if I was buying 2 boxes of cereal and I had coupons that stated “1 coupon per transaction” – the cashier would only be able to accept 1 coupon even though I am buying 2 boxes of cereal and I have 2 coupons. The “1 per transaction” limits me to only using 1 of my coupons no matter how many of the same item and coupon I have.