Quick Meal Ideas for Families on the Go – Dinner in a Flash

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We’ve all been there, you have 2 kids to drop off at practice and one to pick up, how will you get everything done and still feed them a dinner that’s quick and easy to make (oh, and good too)? This is a topic being discussed right now on TwitterMoms and guess what? Samsung is even giving one blogger a Brand New Samsung French Door Refrigerator. I am so drooling over this, when we moved recently, the house came with a refrigerator that had dents all over the front and the ice maker didn’t work. So here I am, hoping to win by offering up my knowledge of getting dinner ready quickly (I can do this).

Do you want my tips? Here goes, and best of all, they are easy!

  1. Make Ahead and Freeze: Take one day of the week (I prefer Saturday or Sunday), and just cook, and cook and cook. Make something for every day of the week. Once completed all you have to do is store in plastic OR I have a lifesaving FoodSaver that is the most amazing thing I have ever bought. It keeps out freezer burn and keeps food fresh so in case you don’t happen to use something in the upcoming week, it will still be good in the future. Don’t forget, another tip would be to double the recipe on a meal you are making and freeze half of it for the next week.
  2. Slow-Cooker: This is a great investment! Mine is old and I really need to get the new fancy digital one so I can set the timers and be cool. But you basically put all the ingredients in, set it and forget it – you can go about your day and by the time dinner rolls around, you have a great meal ready to go. For great slow cooker recipes, visit sites like Hamilton Beach and Crock-pot.
  3. Pre-Cooked Meats: These are a huge time saver. You can either cook your own, and again freeze the meat plain, such as ground beef, cook a whole chicken and shred. These are great time savers and are perfect for taco night, sloppy joes, Hamburger Helper, Chicken Fajitas etc. It will really cut down cooking time and get your meal on the table in a flash!
  4. Menu Plan: This is a must! Get out a calendar, send yourself an email, put it in your Blackberry/iPhone, or use Google Calendar – just write it down. The hardest thing for me to do is figure out what to make when I am an hour from dinner. Nothing is defrosted, missing ingredients, not enough time to make it. All because I have no idea what I want to make, and worse yet it takes me longer to figure out what to make when I am stressing about it!