Sonic Gift Card Winners

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Thanks to Everyone who entered the Sonic Gift Card Giveaway!

Congratulations to Our Winners!!

Submitted on 2009/08/01 at 10:20pm

We were just at Sonic today , that is so funny. Anyways my daughter is the Corn dog, fries and soda meal and my son loves the Jr Burger and tots with root beer. I LOVE TATER TOTS does that count.

Submitted on 2009/08/01 at 9:52pm

YUMMY!! We LOVE Sonic!! My son’s fave is the hotdog meal with fries – add cheese – and milk – at least there’s something healthy in there – haha! Oh – and add an order of mozzarella sticks – can’t forget those!! Great giveaway!

Submitted on 2009/08/04 at 2:57am

I tweeted your contest