Stacking Coupons Explained: How to Coupon Stack Anywhere!

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Coupon stacking is an art form and once you have it mastered, you will be on your way to saving even more money at the stores. I’m not talking about just grocery stores, there are many stores that allow coupon stacking! Check out our video which offers a great explanation and examples of how to stack a coupon!


Last week, we talked about where you get the grocery store coupons you will need for coupon stacking. Many of those same places will also offer coupons to use at retails stores; mailers, text coupons, printable coupons, newspapers and more.

So what is coupon stacking?

Some have confused coupon stacking with double coupons in recent months. There seems to be some confusion, even among the cashiers. When you double a coupon, you are simply doubling the face value of one coupon (up to the amount the store allows, usually $.50 – $.99). This is usually a promotion that a grocery store runs. This is a great way to save money, but is NOT Coupon Stacking.

When you stack a coupon, you are using 2 coupons (or more depending on the scenario) for your purchase. In order to coupon stack, you need one store coupon and at least one mfg. coupon and then you follow the terms on each.

First you look at your store coupon, if it is for $.50 off 1 item, for example, you can combine that with 1 mfg. coupon (from the Sunday inserts, online printable coupon, magazine etc.). If the store coupon is for $1 off 2 items, you can use up to 2 coupons! You will use either 1 mfg. coupon that is for a specified $$ amount of 2 (which follows the store coupon) OR, you can use 2 mfg. coupons that are each good for a specified $$ amount of of 1. Because you have 2 items, that is an acceptable scenario.

There are many stores that allow coupon stacking and even state it in their Coupon Policies (here are a few that I found):

Target Coupon Policy
Walgreens Coupon Policy
CVS Coupon Policy (don’t have yet, but will post it soon)
Meijer Coupon Policy
Rite Aid Coupon Policy

Example of Coupon Stacking would look like this:

Buy 2 Peter Pan Peanut Butter = $4.00
Less: $.50 Off 2 Target Store Coupon
STACK: $.50 Off 2 Mfg. Coupon
Final Price After Both Coupons: 2 for $3.00


Buy 2 Peter Pan Peanut Butter = $4.00
Less: $.50 Off 2 Target Store Coupon
STACK: $.50 Off 1 Mfg. Coupon
STACK: $.50 Off 1 Mfg. Coupon
Final Price After Both Coupons: 2 for $2.50

If that sounds great, then you’ll really be excited to find that other stores will also allow coupon stacking:

Department Stores:
Many stores like Kohl’s, JcPenney’s, Children’s Place and more offer great coupons a couple of times a month. In addition to these coupons, they will simultaneously run big sales, extra discounts, clearance and promotions. Unless their store coupon states otherwise, you will be able to use your discount coupons in combination with the sale and clearance prices or other promotions they are offering.

Outlet Malls:
True outlet stores have fabulous prices and huge discounts. A lot of them offer coupons at the main customer service center, some hand coupons out in the store and you can also bring your own from home mailers and printable retail coupons. These will offer huge savings when combined with the outlet low prices!

Coupon Codes:
Don’t forget your online shopping coupon codes. Did you know that they will sometimes stack? Crocs, for instance, will usually allow a FREE Shipping code to be stacked with a % or $ Off coupon code and this will really save you big if you shop online!

Just by being aware of these methods will save you money, so before you head out the door shopping, ask yourself this question: “Can I save money today?” I bet you can :)