Target Cartwheel: 8 Insider Secrets You Need to Know

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Target shopping just gets better and better with all of the savings tools that they have available. One of the best and easiest ways to save is with Target Cartwheel. This app is available for download from Android or iTunes. There are so many ways save with Cartwheel, and it is so easy to use! Here are all of the ways you can snag a discount on everything you shop for at Target!

  1. Browse offers online or on your mobile device

    Add them to your “barcode” and save! You can show your barcode on your phone to your cashier OR print it out at home. One scan will save you on all of your chosen offers!

  2. Unlock Badges for more savings

    Did you know the more often you use the Cartwheel app the more you will be able to save. You will begin to earn “badges” and unlock more savings which means you can add more offers to your barcode! When you fist begin you will start out with a limited amount of slots to add your offers, overtime you can grab more for more savings!

  3. Stack the savings!!

    Did you know that you can use One manufacturer’s coupon, one Target Coupon and a Cartwheel offer per item you purchase!! Plus grab an extra 5% off when you use your Redcard! This really adds up and pulls a huge amount off of your total!

  4. You do not have to plan ahead

    My favorite thing about Target Cartwheel is that I don’t have to do much research at all. While is it good to browse the offers before you shop so that you don’t miss out on discounts like 50% off shoes or 25% off Nabisco cookies, you really can add offers as you go! I like to connect to Target’s Free wifi so that my app loads and adds offers easier. Next as I shop and throw things in my cart I will search Cartwheel to see if there is an offer available for that item. You can even go to the the scanner section of your cartwheel and scan the item’s barcode and it will come up with the item if there is a current offer available. If there is no offer available it will sometimes give you suggestions to other similar products. For example I have scanned Market Pantry Apple sauce and there was not an offer available, but there was one for Mott’s so I grabbed that one!

  5. Check for new offers on Sundays

    Cartwheel adds new items every Sunday so be sure to take a look and see what new savings you can grab!

  6. Cartwheel offers are applied after Target Coupons and Before Manufacturer Coupons!

    Knowing this will help with a more organized checkout and help you estimate your final total. Your Red Card savings will be applied last.

  7. How often can you use your Cartwheel app?

    You can use Cartwheel for up to Six times a day. With that said you can only apply a single cartwheel offer up to four times per transaction. Be sure to take this into account when estimating your savings.

  8. Grab extra savings

    Look in the Hot Deals and Weekly Ad section of Cartwheel where you can find offers for items that are currently on sale for a deeper discount.

Good Luck!