Target Clearance: Get Ready for Your Back to School Clearance Haul!

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Target Clearance is one of my favorite things! You never know what you are going to find and if you are ready, you can really score some amazing deals. Check out my score from last year’s shopping trip and see the amazing deals I got on the Back to School Clearance which was marked down to 75% off the day I went in – Woohoo! You won’t believe what I got!!! Get ready to score BIG this year with a few easy to follow tips for maximizing your savings.

My 2010 Target Clearance Haul – Get ready for this year’s BIG score!

Here are some Tips that will help keep you from overspending:

  1. Make a wish list of things you need or would like – I always have a few items that if I find them on clearance, I would buy them
  2. Know what you would pay – If you have an item on your wish list, what is the most you want to pay for it?
  3. Use Cash – Only spend what you have. If you charge it and don’t pay it off when the bill comes, it defeats the purpose of buying it on clearance.
  4. Don’t buy things you have no use for – This is easier said than done, I know.
  5. Don’t bring your kids – I think everyone knows that this is a “No No” especially if you are a pushover like me!

Target has a mark down schedule they follow when they mark items down. It does vary from time to time, but this seems to be what it looks like for many of us:

Monday – Baby and Kid’s Clothing, Electronics and Stationary Items
Tuesday – Domestics, Pets, Food and Women’s Clothing
Wednesday – Lawn and Garden, Men’s Clothing and Toys
Thursday – Books, Housewares, Luggage, Sporting Goods, Movies, Music, Shoes, Lingerie, and Decor
Friday – Auto, Cosmetics, Jewelry and Hardware

It seems like they mark down every 2 weeks. If you are a regular at your store, you may be able to ask your sales associate when your specific store will mark down

Most clearance will have an Orange/Red Clearance Sticker, making it easier to spot. Items other than clothing clothing will be pushed to the end caps so this is definitely a great place to look when you are shopping. If you aren’t sure if an item is on clearance, use one of the many scanners throughout the store to double check the price.

Seasonal clearance is slightly different, it usually goes on clearance the day after a holiday or the week after school starts. Clearance will usually start at 30 – 50% and discounts will go up from there. It’s been 3 weeks since school started and I just found school supplies for 75% off over the weekend!

The usual holiday clearance schedule looks something like this:

  • 50% off day after holiday for 3 days
  • 75% off 4th day after holiday for 3 days
  • 90% off 7th day after holiday for 1-2 days.

Again, this is just a general guide and we have seen it change from time to time based on how much clearance is left.

ALL clearance and schedules can be different from store to store. If you read online about a great deal, you will definitely want to check with your store to see if the same discount is available at your store.

For those of you who watched my awesome Clearance Score on Back to School Items, here is a breakdown of what I got.

Here’s my Score from 2010: 59 Items Regularly $207 – I paid $37 (after $11 in mfg. coupons)!!

  • (4) Five Star Flex 1″ Hybrid NoteBinders (Orig. $9.99) Paid $2.48(9) 5-Subjecct Notebooks (Orig. $3.14) Paid $.78 each
  • (2) 3-Subject Notebooks (Orig. $2.74) Paid $.68 each
  • (1) SwissGear Backpack (Orig. $29.99) Paid $7.48
  • (1) Ironman Backpack (Orig. $14.99) Paid $3.74
  • (1) Five Star 1″ Customizable Binder (Orig. $5.99) Paid $.25
  • (1) Five Star 1″ Binder (Orig. $3.99) Paid $.25
  • (2) Pack Manilla Paper 12×18 (Orig. $2.99) Paid $.74 each
  • (2) Pack Manilla Paper 9×12 (Orig. $2.99) Paid $.48 each
  • (2) 5-Pack Twin Pocket Poly Folders (Orig. $) Paid $.48 each
  • (10) 150-Sheet Filler Paper (Orig. $.75) Paid $.18 each
  • (1) Star Wars Folder (Orig. $.99) Paid $.24
  • (1) 2-Pocket Portfolio (Orig. $.77) Paid $.19
  • (2) Five Star Quad Ruled Graph Paper (Orig. $3.48) Paid $.87 each
  • (4) Five Star Flex NotePocket Dividers (Orig. $3.99) Paid $.98 each
  • (3) RoseArt Bold Washable Markers (Orig. $1.89) Paid $.47 each
  • (1) 36-ct Crayola Colored Pencils (Orig. $5.85) Paid $1.46
  • (2) 10-Packs of PaperMate Red Pens (Orig. $1) Paid $.25 each
  • (1) Mead Weekly/Monthly Planner (Orig. $3.99) Paid $.98
  • (1) Locker Stuff Dry Erase (Orig. $2.99) Paid $.74
  • (2) Westcott Protractors (Orig. $2.19) Paid $.54 each
  • (3) Jumbo Stretchable Bookcovers (Orig. $.89) Paid $.44
  • (3) 4-Packs Ticonderoga Red Checking Pencils (Orig. $1.69) Paid $.42