Target Coupons: Check Out My Score Using 32 Coupons!!

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Shopping at Target can be fun! Everyone has heard the story of the amazing clearance deal your friends friend got while shopping at Target (heck, you’ve watched me score great clearance at Target). The ultimate Target Shopper knows that it’s more than just clearance that makes Target great. Here are your insider secrets to becoming a Target “Pro”!

In the video, I combine Target Store Coupons with Mfg. Coupons and the Target Weekly Coupon Match Up provided on Coupon Divas and I end up using 32 coupons for awesome savings!! Take a look and see what I got :

  • Target Coupons: This is a Target Store Coupon that is either printed directly from the Target website or found occasionally in the Sunday Coupon Inserts. A Target Coupon can be stacked with 1 manufacturer coupon for additional savings.
  • Target Mobile Coupons: You can now register certain types of cellphones to receive weekely txt messages that come with Target Store Coupons to use on in-store purchases.
  • Target Gift Card Promotions: Target runs promotions in their weekly sale insert that award you a Target Gift Card when you meet certain purchase requirements.
  • Temporary Price Cuts: These are temporary sale prices that are offered on specified merchandise. The date range for the Price Cut is usually listed on the sign.

Tips for Shopping at Target:

  • Use the Target Coupon Match Up to save time. Let us do the work for you! Simply go throught the match up and find the items you need.
  • Have your coupons ready before you head out to Target. Getting ready ahead of time will help you stay organized. I put all of my coupons in an envelope so I don’t lose any.
  • A Target Store Coupon can STACK (or be used in addition to) one manufacturer coupon or one printable mfg. coupon from the Internet. (Best way to score free merchandise without coming out of pocket).
  • When you are ready to checkout, always be sure to count your coupons so you know how many you should expect to see on the receipt.
  • Target does have an official coupon policy on their website and you may want to print it and carry it with you just in case there is any doubt when you are shopping.
  • Always hand the cashier all of your manufacturer coupons first and then hand them your Target Store Coupons.
  • Before you leave the store, always double check your receipt to make sure everything is as it should be.

Do you have any other tips for perfecting your Target Strategy? Please share them with us below!!