Tips for Back to School Shopping 2011

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Back to school shopping doesn’t have to be stressful. If you give yourself enough time to watch the ads and also know when and where to look, you can score some really great deals and not spend a lot of money!

Here are some tips to get you organized so you can follow along and get your supplies too:

Carry your child’s school supply list with you: Make sure you carry a copy of the school supply list with you because you never know when you might find a good sale. You will be ready to snag a great deal and then you can mark it off your list if you know what you need. Many teachers ask for specific brands and I try to get what they want if I can get a good price on it.

Watch your Sunday ads for great buys: We are already seeing great deals and it isn’t even mid-July this year. Check your Sunday ads every week to snag the best deals. If you start early you have plenty of time to get everything.

Shop at more than one store: Do not try to get all of your school supplies at one store. If you take your time and buy at different stores when you see a good price, you will come out ahead at the end.

Stock Up: If something is an amazing deal, like the $.01 deals, grab the maximum they let you buy. If you get items this cheap now, you will be prepared in January when all the school supplies seem to have disappeared and your child’s teacher is sending notes for additional items.

Keep your receipts in your purse: This is a great way to take advantage of price adjustments. Remember I told you a few weeks ago that many stores guarantee the lowest price for around 2 weeks after you purchase. If you see the item cheaper you can just pop in and get an adjustment on the price (most stores only allow for one price adjustment per item).

Use Coupons Maximize Savings: Yes, there are coupons for school supplies! Office supply stores usually have great coupons as well and many of them take competitor coupons. Make sure you always check our Retail Printable Coupon section before you head out!

Don’t Forget Rebates and Rewards: Also, rebates and store rewards are a MUST to scoring items for FREE.  Just make copies of everything you submit for your records.

ReUse: As the kids get older, I buy better quality items like a sturdy bookbag. If it’s still good the next year, we reuse it. Crayons and markers can always be reused, they usually go in a big community box in the classroom in the lower grades, so there is not need to have the box they came in.

Clearance: If you have last year’s backpack or lunch box and you can’t swing getting a new one right now, just wait and use what you have. I remember last year, backpacks and lunch boxes were on clearance at Target and Walmart within 3 weeks of school starting for 75% off. You can almost always grab one in a couple of weeks for less than $5!!

Tax Holiday: Some states offer a weekend when school supplies and sometimes even computers and clothes can be bought without paying sales tax. Check your state’s website to see if this is a promotion your state participates in.

Sign Up for the Coupon Divas Newsletter and Facebook: If you haven’t already, make sure you are signed up for our newsletter and/or “Like” us on Facebook. We keep you posted on all the hottest deals as soon as we hear about them so you can take advantage quickly to score the best deals!

You Do Have Time: Don’t get stressed out or impatient! You will thank yourself later when you look at your receipts and see how “little” you paid for everything.

Yes, there are a lot of tips to go through but you can really score great deals and it will seem like no work at all because the rewards are great!! You will be so happy when you see how much you saved this year and don’t be shy either – leave it in the comments below and share your pictures on our Facebook wall because you know I love to see how great you did!