Tips for Finding the Best Shoe Deals!

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Shoe Coupons

Some people love their shoes, some people just want to cover their feet. No matter what your situation is, here are some tips on how to save money on your shoes. You can score great deals if you you know when and where to shop!

Shop End of Season Sales:

Shopping at the end of seasons can often times save you 75% and maybe more! Almost any store you shop that sell shoes will have end of the season sales including stores like Dillards, Macy’s, JcPenney, Target and on and on. This is a great way to get a more expensive pair of shoes that you normally wouldn’t splurge on!

Avoid Impulse Buys:

It is very important to avoid buying on impulse – you see a great trendy pair of shoes and you think of that one dress you have that exactly matches the color of the shoes. Or maybe it’s a crazy pair of heels you think you might want for some special occasion in the future. Many times if you wait just a little bit, you will these shoes quickly move to the sale and then clearance areas and you can pick these shoes up for half price and sometimes even more.

Buy Neutral Colors:

Black, brown, navy, even gold and silver are all great color shoes that match just about every color. You can save money by sticking to neutral colors that will match more of your wardrobe and help your bottom line.

Shop Clearance:

Everyone knows to watch those clearance racks, but did you know that many stores have regular markdown schedules. Some stores will even tell you what day or week of the month markdowns occur – then you can just pop back in when there is fresh clearance and a lot of inventory to choose from.

Outlet Stores:

I love the outlet stores, especially when it comes to name brand shoe shopping. I like to buy brand name tennis shoes for my kids because they play tennis and are outside pretty much year round. In my opinion, the brand names last longer and are made better than other shoes. Don’t forget, outlet stores many times have printable coupons you can use for additional savings or the customer service center at the outlet mall will have a special savings booklet so make sure you check.

Printable Coupons:

No matter where you shop, be sure you always check for printable coupons so that you can really maximize your savings. We track the most popular printable coupons and update them daily so be sure to check them out before heading to the stores.

Text Coupons:

Don’t forget that many stores are catching onto the text coupons and offering special deals via text. When I see a sign in a store I text right from the store and most times the store sends me an introductory coupon almost instantly! (Standard text message rates apply)

Stack Coupons w/ Sales:

Whether it’s a sale, clearance or end of season sales check each store to see if you can stack the coupon on top of the sale prices. The savings can really add up if there is a great sale or you find amazing clearance.

Shop Online:

Finally, make sure you always watch the online sales. There are several great brands that have offered a variety of great deals on shoes and if you can get free shipping on top of that – you are all set. Read the return policies before you order, many have a no hassle return which makes it nice (especially when you are ordering shoes). You can check our list of online deals and coupons codes – all hand picked and updated daily!