Top 10 Must-Haves for The Perfect Baby Nursery!

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Congratulations! The family is about to expand and now you can go shopping for all of those precious items to make the baby’s room cozy and special. Check out this list of the 10 items that will create the perfect Nursery!


1) Crib

Average Price: Basic crib from Walmart starts at just $99.99, don’t forget the mattress!

Where to Buy: Walmart, Target, Toys R Us

The crib is the staple of the baby nursery. These days all sides of the crib are “fixed”. No more drop sides. This keeps things safer for baby. You can find a crib in many different finishes to go with the theme or color of your room. From black or white to dark brown, pick which color fits your room best!


2) Changing Table and Changing Pad

Average Price: $94.44

Where to Buy: Amazon, Target, Walmart

The changing table is another necessity that you will use A Lot! Most of them come with side rails and lower shelving to store your baby’s diaper goodies. If you do not want to buy an official changing table, you can always look for a large dresser. I have even seen the changing tables that double as an older child’s dresser. This way you get more use out of it and it can grow with your child’s needs. You can grab a changing pad at Target, Walmart or Babies R Us. They all vary in size and price. Pick the one that fits your needs! One trick I used with my changing pad was that I bought those rubbery shelf liners and cut a strip to fit underneath to help prevent it from slipping or moving around.


3) Diaper Pail

Average Price: $42.99

Where to Buy: Toys R Us, Target

When picking a diaper pail think about how well you would like to dispose of those dirty, stinky diapers. Some pails come with all the bells and whistles. Diaper Genie and Munchkin by Arm & Hammer have a line of pails that use certain refill bags with a deodorizer. Others are more of a regular trash can except for a good closed lid.


4) Baby Monitor

Average Price: $181.77

Where to Buy: Amazon, Walmart, Target

When choosing which baby monitor is best for you, think of what would make you most comfortable when leaving your baby to sleep alone. I know that I would take a peak at my little ones with any sound that came from the monitor. The one pictured here, has a screen to see what the baby is doing and in what position they are sleeping! My monitor was one of the cheaper varieties and only offered sound. But still worked just perfect for my kiddos.


5) Crib Night Light with Sleep Sound Options

Average Price: $44.99

Where to Buy: Target, Toys R Us, Walmart

I’m not sure what I would have done with out this little handy item! My son loved this one the most. When you want to lay your baby down awake so that they can learn to fall asleep by themselves, this will help for sure! It plays soothing music for a short amount of time as well as lights up to give baby something to look at and be interested in, instead of crying. They will watch and listen as they doze off to dreamland. Worth every penny!


6) Diaper Caddy

Average Price: These pictured are $32-36, but can be found in other styles and stores for a bit cheaper.

Where to Buy: Pottery Barn, Walmart, Target

Organizing your diaper items is a must! You will not want to be searching for a fresh diaper and the Desitin at 3am. Keep them in a caddy or container near by the changing table so that they are always on hand when needed.


7) Night Light/Crib Light

Average Price: $10

Where to Buy: Walmart, Target,

Avoid stubbing your toes in the middle of the night. Also good for checking in on your sweet little one without having to turn on the lights and risk disturbing them.


8) Closet Organizer

Average Price : $24.99

Where to Buy: Bed Bath & Beyond, Target

A Closet organizer will help you put each baby item in it’s place and still be able to find it quickly! Babies need their clothes changed so often throughout the day that you will love to just grab it out of the closet from the organizer. They come in cute colors that are sure to match any nursery room theme.


9) Wipes Warmer

Average Price: $21.96

Where to Buy: Walmart, Target

A wipes warmer is great for your baby’s bum. They will not have to face the discomfort of a cold wipe!


10) Rocker

Average Price: $134.99

Where to Buy: JcPenney, Target

What is better than rocking your baby to sleep as you stare at their sweet cheeks! Grab a glider and relax with your baby as you nurse or feed them. I loved my rocker for those late night feedings.