Top 6 Free Tax Preparation Software of 2015

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Tax time is here! You have until Wednesday, April 15th to get taxes filed this year.  Whether you’re looking to get it done as soon as possible, or filing at the last minute, this handy list of the best free tax preparation software services is sure to help you get the max refund. Just keep in mind that you can only file simple federal taxes for free with most tax companies so these may not be work for some of you. Also, you will have to pay additional fees if you need to file state tax returns.

1) H&R Block


  • Includes the most comprehensive list of forms
  • Offers more than just basic tax services
  • Free audit support and representation
  • State returns are $14.99
  • Switch to a variety of gift cards instead of a cash refund and you get 5-10% more!


2) Turbo-Tax

  • turbo200Perfect for students, first time filers, or anyone who files a simple 1040A or 1040EZ form
  • Simple questions to guide you through so you get your max refund
  • Allows e-filing for faster refunds (as quick as 7 days!)
  • Import W2 electronically; over 1 million participating employers
  • Qualified tax experts available any time
  • Most states file free!  Some charge $14.99.
  • Income restrictions


3) TaxAct

  • taxact200Colorful and Friendly interface makes filing easy
  • Includes forms for simple and complex tax returns
  • TaxACT Answer Center provides free support via email or phone support for $7.95, but it gets you year-round access
  • State tax returns cost start at $14.99, which is about half of most others!
  • Prior-year filing and Import capabilities


4) E-fileTaxOffer

  • efile200Free Error Correction – automatically checks for errors and prompts to correct
  • Helpful Software walks you through common deductions and credits in an easy question and answer format.
  • Allows e-filing so you get your refund quicker
  • Free email support


5) eSmart Tax

  • esmart200Free tech and audit support from Liberty Tax CPA’s
  • Allows e-filing
  • Imports tax info from any tax software competitor
  • Great option for simple filing


6) TaxSlayer


• Guarantees max refund
• Step by step, easy to use deduction guide
• Free email and phone support
• Supports 1040, 1040A, or 1040EZ and many common forms