Walgreens 101: Top 5 Things You Need To Know To Maximize Savings

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Maximize your savings by using Walgreens Register Rewards and combining coupons with great sales and you will get huge discounts and freebies on items like shampoo, styling products, razors, food, toothpaste and toothbrushes – you name it, you will find a great deal once you learn the ropes. You will be wondering why you waited so long to start. I can’t remember the last time I paid full price for a tube of toothpaste or a bottle of shampoos.

Below are the top 5 things you need to know about shopping at Walgreens and be sure to watch the tutorial because it shows you what the Register Rewards look like, where in the store to find the coupons and takes you step by step through a Shopping Scenario.

  1. What is a Register Reward?
    Walgreens Register Rewards are coupons that come from the Catalina machine, which is usually next to the cash register. They print separately from the receipt once a qualifying purchase is detected. The Register Rewards can be used like cash on your next purchase with the main difference being that they do expire about 2 weeks after they generate. You will find the items that are included in the Register Rewards promotion in the Walgreens weekly sales flier and you will also see the signs on the shelves.

    The Walgreens Register Rewards are a limit of 1 of each qualifying item per transaction, meaning you cannot go in and buy everything on the shelf and expect to receive a Register Reward for each, the Catalina machine will only print 1 Reward coupon.

    Another thing to keep in mind is if, for example, you buy a toothbrush that has a Register Reward and then you try to buy another toothbrush and use the Register Reward from the first toothbrush, a new coupon will NOT print. You have to use your Register Reward on a different item.

    Finally, Register Rewards are always before tax and you must have spent the exact amount or more than the RR you are trying to use.

  2. What is a Filler Item?
    You have probably heard me say, or write, that you should grab Filler Items if needed when trying to maximize coupon savings. At Walgreens the computers count how many items you have and how many coupons you are using, and if they aren’t equal the register will alert the cashier. It is my understanding that they do not count a Walgreens store coupon in that total, but I recently had trouble so I try to keep it exact. Also, they do count a Register Reward as a manufacturer coupon (which is strange because they advertise that you use it like cash), so you will want to make sure your numbers add up.

    So that’s where a Filler Item comes in handy. If you went in to buy 2 things but you have 3 total coupons, you will want to grab an inexpensive item so that you can use all 3 coupons. I normally grab a pack of gum, a roll of toilet paper, or chapstick, as long as I think I will use it I don’t consider it a waste.

  3. Where Do I Find Walgreens Store Coupons?
    First, Walgreens Store Coupons are found in several places: the store sales flier, in the front of the store where they keep the current sales fliers, on the Walgreens website and they also sometimes have a magazine out in the pharmacy called “Diabetes and You” that sometimes has coupons in the it. They are different then a manufacturer coupon, these are Walgreens own coupons and they will let you use 1 Walgreens coupon with each Mfg. Coupon.

    Again, the stores seem to be interpreting their own rules on coupon ratio, even though you are allowed to stack the store coupon with the mfg. coupon, some stores are being sticky and saying that the TOTAL number of items you buy has to be equal to the TOTAL number of coupons and Register Rewards you are using.

  4. How Do I Use The Coupon Match Up?
    Every week we take the time to match up any current coupons with the items that are on sale in the Walgreens sales flier. All you have to do is grab the coupons listed and follow the shopping scenarios to maximize your savings – scoring many items for just pennies!
  5. What is an Overage?
    An Overage is when you buy an item and use a coupon and then you receive more back in Register Reward than you paid out of pocket for the item (because of the coupon)