Walgreens Shopping Scenarios Explained!

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Shopping at Walgreens can be confusing with all the rewards, coupons, coupon stacking and sales. By creating your shopping scenarios before you head out the door, you can cut down on the time you spend in the store! Now keep in mind that you have to be  flexible when you are at the store because sometimes even the best thought out plans don’t work exactly as you thought. Having back up purchases and staying calm will help :)

Take a look as we walk through making a shopping scenario start to finish. We talk about the coupon match up, grabbing your coupons and creating 2 transactions that roll Register Rewards from the first purchase into the second.

Note: There is an error in transaction #1 because I changed the # of Register Rewards I was using and forgot to change Final Price line. It should read $5.99 OOP.