What to Buy and Skip at Warehouse Stores

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Getting a membership to your local Wholesale Club can be very beneficial, especially for large families. You can buy in bulk at a discounted price and have a great stock of all of you necessities. Unfortunately it can be a bit confusing when deciding what items are worth stocking up on. So before you make your list and grab your club card, browse a few of the Must Buy and Must Not Buy items. Of course, your family size will dictate which items are best to purchase for your family. For example, the 10lb. ketchup will work for a family of 10, but not a family of 4 ; )

What to Buy……

  • Swimsuits: These are a great value for the quality and price! I have bought many swimsuits over the years for my kids at the warehouses, and they hold up very well!
  • Charcoal: Great value for the size and price.
    Meats like chicken and beef: This is one of the main reasons I have had a membership. You can get a huge amount of meat at a lower price per pound than your grocery store. Bring it home and portion it out, cover with plastic wrap and pop in the freezer. This way your meat is fresh until you need it!
    Tires: Warehouse stores have great deals on tires and in some cases will put them on your car for you!
  • Frozens: Along with meat I would say this is the second best thing to buy on my grocery list. You can find frozen chicken breasts, ice cream, dinners, vegetables and more. Just be sure you have adequate freezer space before bringing home large bags of frozens!
  • Outdoor Furniture: This is a great deal as long as you are not too picky about the selection. They may not have the exact color or style you have in mind but the value will be worth it.
  • Gardening Supplies and Flowers: Spring is a great time to scan the clubs for their gardening items. They are priced well and are of good quality.
  • House Fans: House fans are always a great investment as they help cool down your house and save energy. The warehouse deals are a bit better than your average store.
  • Medicine : Grab your medicines for up to 50% less than your average pharmacy!
  • Paper Plates, Napkins, Paper Towels: Paper products are great to stock up on, especially during picnic and party season. You will always need them so there is no such thing as too many.
  • Bottled Water, Soda, Juice Boxes: This is one thing my family goes through every week so when I can stock up at a good price I do!
  • Fruit: Fruit Can be so expensive at the local grocery stores. Grab your oranges, apples and more in bulk at a great price. Make sure it is a fruit your family likes so that it does not go to waste before it is eaten up.
  • Laundry Detergent: We all have to do laundry every week so grabbing a large Tide at a smaller price is a must!
  • Cereal: If you have kids like mine you go through cereal like crazy! Buy the multipacks at a great price compared to the grocery stores.
  • Premade Foods: Platters, Cakes and Rotisserie Chickens are great deals when you want to whip up a quick dinner or party.
  • Christmas Trees And Decor: In comparison to your average store prices, the clubs beat them by far with the value!
  • Cafe food! YUM One of my favorite things to score from the warehouse stores is a super cheap lunch! You can get a piece of pizza, pretzel or hot dog with a large drink for around $3.00!! It’s a great deal and you can grab it on the way out the door!

What Not to Buy……

  • Condiments: These may take forever to use up and go bad before you see the end of the bottle!
  • Huge Containers of Snacks such as chips: In past experiences with snacks, we often get tired of them or they get stale before they are even halfway gone!
  • Designer clothing: Usually their clothing is made specifically for the warehouse prices and is not as good of quality as those from your regular clothing stores.
  • Books: Most times books can be found much cheaper at a bookstore, and the selection is limited
  • Eggs: Again a huge amount of eggs can go bad if you do not have a large family or eat eggs everyday.
  • CD’s & DVD’s: Nowadays you can buy CD’s and DVD’s for as low as $5.00ea at stores like Walmart. It is not necessary to pay what the Clubs are asking.
  • Diapers: In some cases it is great to stock up, but sometimes your baby will outgrow it’s size before you use up that box of size 2 Huggies. Also with coupons and sales at your grocery or drugstore you will actually score them a few cents cheaper per diaper.
  • Gift Wrap: Again you will pay more for too much of an item.

Decide which club is best for you! Sam’s has ecoupons that you can load onto your membership card which come in handy. Costco and BJ’s both have store coupons. BJ’s lets you stack Manufacturer coupons with their store coupons!

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