What to Buy (and What Not to Buy) in April

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April showers may bring May flowers, but it also brings in some killer deals on Spring clothing, televisions, and lots of other great finds.  Read on to see what to buy and what to avoid buying in April.

  • Thrift Items:

    With all the spring cleaning comes a lot of purging.  Thrift stores get new inventory daily from people cleaning out their closets and storage spaces.  If you like to shop the second-hand stores, now it a great time.





  • Televisions:

    If you don’t mind picking up last year’s models, now is a fantastic time to buy.  With the fiscal year just ending, you’ll see nice price drops on the older models specifically ones with a 55″ screen or larger.  Look for great offers from Dell!





  • Spring clothes:

    We are a couple months into the season which means it’s time for some nice sales on the Spring line-up.  Stores are just now starting to roll out swimwear, so it won’t be long until that Spring attire will be on clearance. Kid’s stores like Crazy 8, Gymboree, and The Children’s Place are just a few that will roll out great deals.  Kohl’s rolls out great stackable codes in the week before Easter that make getting Spring fashion very affordable.









  • Athletic Shoes:
    The nicer weather brings out some great sales from the big retailers, plus look for awesome deals on last year’s line-up.  You’re sure to see some great buys come straight from the source at Reebok or Puma.





  • Summer Airfare
    Look now to book those flights during the Summer.  To max your savings, looks for flights out on a Tuesday or Wednesday.





  • Vacuum Cleaners:
    Newer models are released in June, so retailers make room for those by getting rid of last year’s model.  You’ll also see some nice sales catering to those doing their spring cleaning.




  • Wedding and Graduate Gifts:
    Look for sales on small appliances, china, and cookware among other gifts for the graduates and wedding couple. Macy’s is a hot spot for great gifts at great prices.






  • Jewelry:
    Speaking of graduates, you’ll see jewelry sales geared toward that new graduate as well as to Mother’s Day just around the corner.  Our favorite sites are Szul and Jewelry.com.





  • Cookware:
    As mentioned above, April and May are two of the best months to get awesome deals on cookware.  Whether you need a beginner’s set or you’re looking to upgrade to high-end pieces, you’ll find nice deals this month.  I would look for the hottest deals at Carson’s or Macy’s.




  • Winter Sports Gear:
    Deals on accessories for winter sports abound.  Look for 80-90% off skis and other winter sporting goods.






  • Toys & Games:
    Next to Christmas, this time of year is the best time to get toy deals.  Look for huge discounts and BOGO sales in the weeks leading up to Easter, and grab those birthday gifts while prices are at their best.





  • Vegetables & Fruit:
    Spring crops are booming which means great deals on berries, asparagus, onions, beets, peas, and other seasonal produce.






  • Laptops:
    September is widely regarded as the best time to buy a laptop, but April comes in at a very close second.  We’re seeing lots of great laptop deals around the $200 mark! Dell, Best Buy, and Lenovo are a few places to keep an eye on.






  • Tires:
    Look for deals on new tires for the car before all the summer travel. You’ll see offers like $100 off a set.






  • Landscaping and Home Repair Items:
    Look for hot deals on mulch, fertilizer, and other landscaping and home repair in the early weeks of April.






  • Tax-Day Freebies:
    Okay, so you’re not really buying it, but make sure to keep a look-out for lots of tax day freebies at restaurants and retailers.






  • Things to avoid spending money on this month:  april16
    • Mattresses – Look for bigger and better savings in May, especially around Memorial Day.
    • Tools  – Same as above.  We’ll see big deals around the Summer holidays.
    • Appliances – New appliances release in June, so May is a great time to find a deal on last year’s model.  Hold off another month and save some money.  If you hold out to Memorial Day, you might do even better.
    • Baby Items – We’ve passed the peak months for baby deals so you might find a deal or two, but you’re better off shopping in January or February.