What to Buy (and What Not to Buy) in May

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Shopping in May is SO much fun! Spring is in full swing and summer is just around the corner!! You may have a running list of the things you need for yourself and your home as the season begins to change. Be sure to browse this list to know what items to purchase now!

What to buy

  • Easter Clearance
    • Check your local stores for any left over Easter Clearance items. If you spot them, they will easily be 75-90% off! Don’t hesitate to scan those items at the price checker as they may be even more discounted than listed!
  • Vacuum Cleaners
    • Newer models will be released in June, so scan the shelves for any possible markdowns on those from years past!
  • Refrigerators
    • By the end of the summer newer models will be on the market so keep your eyes peeled for deep discounts to clear out current inventory!
  • Thrift Store Items
    • Spring cleaning will produce some great thrift store finds! Everyone is cleaning out their homes and donating unwanted or unused items that you can score!
  • Cookware
    • With the summer season upon us, retailers are gearing up for those of us who need to purchase wedding gifts and college essentials. Check for sales and discounts on cookware items!
  • Furniture and Home Decor
    • With Mother’s Day and Memorial Day just around the corner, the Sale Events are endless! If in the need for a new couch or some office furniture head out in the next few weeks to grab the best deal possible!
  • Mattresses
    • Snag a new Mattress at the end of the month when Memorial day sales hit the ads. You can save BIG if you shop around wisely during this sale event!

Do NOT buy

  • Gas Grills
    • Summer will bring with it the Barbecue trend and demand on grills! Stores are aware of this and will hike up the original prices to make the current sales seem sweeter than they really are. Wait for the end of the summer to score the best deal on a grill.
  • Pools
    • Just like with grills, it is the time of year everyone will need or want to grab a new pool just in time for the hot weather! Don’t be fooled, wait for the end of the season to grab the biggest savings!
  • Swimsuits
    • If you can, wait for mid summer to purchase new swimwear as that is when they most often get discounted!
  • Jewelry
    • While it may seem to be one of the best times to purchase a jewelry item with all of the Mother’s day sales, it is not. Prices are marked up this time of year due to high demand.