What to Buy (and What Not to Buy) in November

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November is one of the best shopping months of the Year! This is mostly do to the upcoming Holiday Season as well as Black Friday and Cyber Monday!  There are far more deals on all of your must haves than in any other month! Take a look at our list of the Best items To Buy And Not Buy in November!

What TO Buy:

  • Kitchen Appliances Large and Small!
    • From Mixers and choppers to coffee makers and slow cookers keep your eyes open for the items you need!
  • iPads
    • It seems they run the best deals for these hot buys during this time of year.
  • Apparel
    • Snag some great finds on sweaters, vests, shoes and accessories both in store and online with amazing sales as well as stackable coupons!
  • T.V.’s
    • If you are looking for new T.V. for your living room, November is the best time to grab one. Black Friday is especially known for it’s super low prices on Electronics.
  • Game Sets such as Playstation, Wii and more!
    • You will find many bundle deals on these in most of the Hot Black Friday ads.
  • Laptops
    • Just like T.V’s Laptops are available at some of their lowest possible prices in November.
  • Toys
    • Keep your’s eyes out for the Big Toy Books from Target, Walmart and Toys R Us so that you can check all the toys off of your list!
  • Halloween Clearance
    • On November 1st. Head over to the Halloween clearance and scan for next years costumes. Walmart and Target have been known to discount 50-75% off! Be sure to snag some leftover candy as well. Many times they can be used for stocking stuffers!
  • Tools
    • As Autumn comes to a close, retailers are eager to get rid of the last of their tools for the season. Also  Home Depot and Lowe’s have been known to run Exclusive Black Friday Specials on selected Tools. Be sure to take a peek at their ads as well.

What NOT To Buy:

  • Airfare Tickets
    • Hold off for December as November comes in with the highest rates.
  • Furniture
    • There are not many sales on Furniture during this time of year largely because it is not in very high demand. This category often seems to be ignored as far as sales go for November.
  • Gift Cards
    • Hold off until December to find the BEST deals on Gift Cards. You will be happy that you waited when you find all of the available Hot offers.
  • Winter Gear
    • With the exception of a few good buys on Black Friday, the best sales will come in during the end of winter when retailers are ready to make room for spring merchandise.