What to Buy (and What Not to Buy) in September

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Each month turns up a new round of best buy goodies. It can be easy to miss, but each seasonal change can pull prices down super low. September is a great buying month for all types of items from left over back to school deals to fresh corn on the cob! Take a look and see what is on this list that is also on your “must buy” list.

What To Buy

  • Grills

    • Every couple of years we hate to do it, but if you want a perfect summer burger, you have to invest in a good grill. At the end of the summer, retailers like Walmart and Lowe’s are eager to get the left over grills out of the store to make room for new Holiday inventory. Take advantage of this and score a great deal on next year’s grill. I love this because it’s like giving yourself a gift in the future! You will be so happy you did come next June! It will save you the annoyance of buying a cheaply made grill in the early summer when prices are high and your budget may be low.
  • Outdoor Furniture

    • Same theory here as with the grills. Out with the old of last season, In with the new. I have seen some pretty steep clearance prices on patio sets and lounge chairs at my local Walmart. Take a peek, you won’t be disappointed.
  • Left Over Back To School Clearance

    • Ugg, yes you should go back down the school isles again. If you are a parent or a student you know you have been up and down these isles trying to find every last item on the back to school lists while your kids ask you for all the other crazy colorful gadgets that they don’t need! Now that they are in school, browse for deals that can go up to 50-75% off. Grab some pens, tape or note pads for yourself. I also love all of the organizational “dorm room” items. I haven’t been in college in over ten years but I’d sure love a cute lamp or shower bin! ;)
  • Flowers, Shrubs And Garden Accessories

    • I was just at Lowe’s the other day and found that the clearance carts have doubled in size, and most of the plants were looking pretty good! I’d say 75% of the shrubs in my yard were clearanced and are now flourishing. Take a look and save!
  • Jeans

    • Back to school time means the best deals on jeans! I have had a price point since I was a teenager to never buy a pair of jeans over $25. This can be difficult, but this time of year it is so possible. I have found that Old Navy has been really offering up some awesome deals on Jeans for the whole family.
  • Outdoor Kid’s play items such as Bikes

    • Have your kiddo’s outgrown their bikes? Doesn’t it feel like you just bought them the one they have been riding all summer?! Well the time is now folks. Head over to Walmart, Toys R Us or your local sporting goods store and browse the sales. Bikes will no longer be in demand and this will then help pull down the price.
  • Produce such as:

    • These yummy fresh food items will be in abundance at the end of the summer so their prices will drop!
    • Apples
    • Corn
    • Cantaloupes
    • Melons
    • Peaches
    • Plums
    • Peppers
    • Berries
    • Spinach
  • Summer Clothing for Next Year!

    • Yes, we are oh so tired of wearing the same T-shirts, sandals and tank tops, and just not in the mood to look at them anymore. Drag yourself to the clearance racks and rummage through, You will thank yourself in July when your favorite shorts and swimsuit cost about as much as a McDonald’s Value Meal : ) This is especially true for kids. Instead of fall clothing shopping for back to school, we buy new T Shirts. This way they have something brand new to wear to school the first few weeks before it gets cold out and then it is still new in June. My only advice here is to buy a bit bigger in size to account for a growth spurt through the year.
  • Caribbean Vacation

    • Have you been putting off a vacation to the Caribbean because of the high costs? This would be the time to go, as it is more of an “off season” for them. Their vacation prices will be much lower than that in the middle of winter or summer.
  • Travel Plans and Flights for the Upcoming Holiday!

    • Will you be traveling out of town or even out of the country this year for the Holidays? If so, it is best to start looking for flights now. You can even sign up for deal alerts through sites like, Kayak, Airfarewatchdog or Smartertravel.com
  • A New Car!

    • The best time to buy a car can be late summer, early fall because that is when they begin to make room for the next year’s models to arrive. Put a word in to your local dealerships and let them know your price point. You will be surprised at how quick you can get what you want for far less.
  • Apples
  • Corn
  • Cantaloupes
  • Melons, Peaches
  • Plums
  • Peppers
  • Berries
  • Spinach
  • Coffee!

    • Look out for National Coffee Day on September 29th, as most Coffee Chains will offer a free cup as well as other deals on your favorite brands of coffee!
  • Computers

    • Begin looking but be cautious as the sales begin with back to school and get even sweeter by Black Friday, especially for Laptops and Ipads. Looking for a desktop? Now is your time, as they are in even less demand they will have the best price points for a low, low budget!

What NOT To Buy

  • Fall Apparel

    • This time of year all the latest and greatest styles in footwear, accessories, clothing and other fashionables hit the racks. That inevitably gives the highest price points. So wait, be patient and let them linger in the stores a bit until the real sales hit a few weeks later.
  • Appliances

    • While the prices on appliances may begin to drop due to the new models that hit the market in the next month, the best prices will hit in November around Black Friday.
  • T.V.’s

    • It’s no secret, the biggest deal to stand in line for on Thanksgiving is those large flat screen T.V.’s. Even if you do not want to take time out from the turkey, the T.V. sales before and after Black Friday will be much better than any other time of the year.