Where To Find Coupons For Groceries – No Scissors Required

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“Where do I find more coupons for groceries?” This is a question I am asked A LOT! You will find tons of shopping scenarios that require 3 and 4 coupons to maximize savings, but you only have the Sunday paper or your printable coupons. Here’s a sneaky little way to stockpile your coupon supply without even clipping a coupon. Let someone else clip them for you!

What?!? You don’t need your scissors for this one, you don’t have to drive to five different stores, you don’t even need your printer ink. There are people out there who clip the coupons for you and you simply pay them for their time. You get 100’s of coupons delivered right to your home, often for less than you pay for a newspaper subscription!

What am I talking about? You can buy coupons on eBay for very little money. I just bought 500 manufacturer coupons on eBay and I only spent about $5.50!

Here are some tips for buying coupons on eBay:

  1. Search for Grocery Coupons on eBay by doing so, you will get most of the listing that are for manufacturer grocery coupons.
  2. Make sure you check “Free Shipping” in your search: Many of the sellers set their shipping price to FREE, so always try to maximize your savings by looking at Free Shipping listings first.
  3. Set Your Max Bid: I figure out the maximum price I would spend on the listing and enter it right away. By doing this you don’t get caught up in last minute bidding and overpay for your coupons. Plus their are plenty of listings, if you don’t win the first one for the price you want to pay, move on to a new one.

I am very happy with the first set of coupons I received from eBay and I have 400 more coming. I have saved so much time this week not having to run out to try and find extra papers and not having to sit around clipping coupons. It’s like I hired a little assistant. If you have any questions on how to use eBay to help you start (or expand) your coupon collection just let me know!